Free beaches in and around Naples: where to find and how to get there
Free beaches in Naples

Free beaches in and around Naples: where to find and how to get there

There is a persistent belief that there are no beaches in Naples. But there are. The cleanest and most beautiful ones are in the neighborhood or on the islands — within an hour’s drive. Although the heat is so unbearable that you want to take a dip in the bay right during a walk along the promenade Via Nazario Sauro. The locals do just that.
Beaches of Naples

City beaches of Naples

Right in the city center, next to the legendary Castel del Ovo landmark is the small historic beach of Mappatella. The landmark is the Diaz rotunda. The shore is sandy, not as clean as one would like. There are no sunbeds, booths or security, but if you need a beach in Naples where you can swim, this is a budget option.

  • Price: free
  • Infrastructure: none

The most famous swimming beach in Naples is Bagno Elena in the Posillipo district. Entrance is paid, but a sun lounger is already included in the price. Inside there is everything for a comfortable rest — changing cabins, umbrellas, cafe and showers. The water in the free shower is cold. If you need warm, you need to put down a 1 € coin. You can reach it on foot. The sea water at Bagno Elena is clear. There are panoramic views from the coast. In Naples it is the only sandy beach where you can not only sunbathe, but also swim. But in July, the coast is full and umbrellas can run out in the afternoon. It’s best to arrive early to find a spot and get an umbrella.

  • Price: 12 € (weekdays after 14:00 — 7 €), includes sun bed
  • Infrastructure: sun beds, umbrellas, warm showers, changing cabins
  • Website: Bagno Elena

Beaches near Naples

Since ancient times, Naples has been the largest port in the Mediterranean. The wide coastline is still used for its intended purpose today. Passenger ferries and tankers run along the bay, which negatively affects the cleanliness of the coastal waters and coastline. The best beaches are located a little further from Naples — beautiful and diverse, like Italy itself.

Beaches in the Pozzuoli area (Pozzuoli)

The most popular beaches near Naples are in the Pozzuoli area: spacious and picturesque, small and cozy, with equipped recreation area, parking and memorable views of the bay. The location is suitable for those who prefer active vacations: diving and surfing. People come here to get acquainted with the national cuisine and sights of the region.

The most spacious and equipped beach in Pozzuoli is Lucrino. The distance of 23 km from Naples to the coast can be covered in 30 minutes by Ferrovia Cumana regional train. The transport leaves from the center — from the small station Montesanto (near the metro station of the same name of line 2) and follows the Torregaveta direction to Lucrino station. The outside of the trains are not as nice as Trenitalia’s, but inside everything is quite decent and modern.

Before traveling, it’s important to know:

  • The first train leaves Montesanto at 5:21 a.m., the last train at 10:20 p.m;
  • The first train from Lucrino towards Naples departs at 5:47, the last train at 22:47;
  • during rush hour the interval between trains is 10 minutes, during normal time — 20 minutes, after 21:00 — 30 minutes.
  • Price: free

The timetable and fare can be found on the website of the Campania Region Transportation Consortium — EAV, line CUMANA Montesanto — Bagnoli — Torregaveta L9, ticket price to Lucrino 2 euros. The Unico Artecart tourist card is valid for this destination. The entrance to the coast of Lucrino is visible from the train station. Access to the beach is free of charge 24 hours a day. The coastline is well-maintained, consisting of sand. Despite the popularity, there is enough space for a quiet and measured vacation.

There are several hotel beaches near Lucrino. One of them — Marena — is clean and famous for its comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. Entrance to Marena is paid — 10 € (the price includes only a sun lounger) and 20 € (2 sun loungers and a large umbrella). There are 2 equipped beaches, a playground for children, 4 sunbathing piers and a rooftop pool for adults only. You are not allowed to bring your own food and drink, but there is a cafe on site. The beach is open from 8:30 to 18:30. It is frequented by couples. On the coast there is a zone for playing with children. The rest of the part is designed for a quiet vacation. In the evenings, a breathtaking sunset unfolds here.

The Marena coast is reached by train from Montesanto station (Naples) to Arco Felice station. Then follow Via Miliscola to the beach. The landmark is the Hotel Marena.

  • Price: 20 € for 2 sunbeds and umbrella; in August 25 €
  • Infrastructure: children’s play area, parking, cabins, showers, toilets, sun beds, umbrellas.
  • Website: Marena Beach on facebook

Underwater diving enthusiasts may be interested in Centro Sub Campi Flegrei, a diving center that provides professional equipment and diving instruction.

Beaches in the Portici-Ercolano area (Portici-Ercolano)

On the southeastern coast of Naples, black sand beaches are available for swimming. One of them is the Spiaggia del Granatello public beach in Portici Ercolano. Stony bottom and not always clear water, but there is enough sun to sunbathe. There is a lack of infrastructure on the coast. We took a beach towel and swimming shoes with us.

  • Price: free
  • Infrastructure: none (there is a parking lot)

There is a Trenitalia regional train to and from the Portici-Ercolano coast. It leaves from the central station and goes to Portici-Ercolano station. The station is right on the beach at the port of Granatello, with Vesuvius not far away! To get to the beach, you have to walk up along the railroad to the port. There is a parking lot next to the beach, near the royal park, several ancient churches and cafes with traditional cuisine.

  • The first train leaves at 5:32, stays 6:00.
  • The traffic interval is 10 to 30 minutes.
  • The last train from Naples toward the coast is at 21:55, the return at 22:45.
  • The fare is from €1.60.

Not far from the station there is a beautiful and quiet beach sheltered by a rock — Spiaggia Delle Mortelle. On one side there is a peaceful view of the sea, on the other side there is a view of Vesuvius and Pompeii. The beach is public, but it is well looked after. There are showers with fresh water and a fountain for washing feet. The coastline is clean. To the sea there is a comfortable gentle descent. The sand is black in color. The water is full of stones, so it is better to swim in special shoes. You can get to the beach from Portici-Ercolano station, going down Porto delle Granatello street to the port of Borbonico.

  • Price: free
  • Infrastructure: shower cabins