Blejsko Lake: beaches and entertainment
Blejsko Lake: why to go and what to do

Blejsko Lake: beaches and entertainment

Not every alpine lake is suitable for swimming. You can swim in Lake Blejsko, where the water warms up to 25C in July and August. The climate is mild and the 32C heat is as if it were only 25C.

You can’t officially swim in the lake. Almost everywhere. And where you can, there are signs saying that swimming in the lake is your responsibility. There are no lifeguards, and no one will rescue you, if anything. And the depth of the lake is up to 30 meters. I don’t know if accidents often happen here.

Blejsko ezero
Blejsko ezero

Map of Lake Bled beaches

Sunbathing is possible almost everywhere. All beaches are lawns. There is a paid beach right under the castle, there is one free with services (sunbeds, toilets, bars) and a couple of unofficial (=free and without services) and there are dozens of descents to the water, so tiny that fits one towel and two people. Where you want — there and throw things. However, in most of these places you have to dive into the water rather than go in.

Map of the beaches of Lake Bleu
Map of the beaches of Lake Bleu

The most interesting beach is by the rowing station, on the map it is the closest to the Bled Jezero train station. The Slovenian Olympic rowing team is based in Bled, and they train here. In fact, you can’t swim here. But it is very convenient: there are long piers for boats, which go away from the shore, and there is no bottom under them. The kids seem to believe that they are specially created to dive from them. And everyone jumps in spite of the forbidden signs right by the shore.

Beach at the rowing station, Bled
Beach at the rowing station, Bled

What to do on the beach of Lake Bled if you get bored?

  1. Walk to the Mala Osojnica observation deck to take a photo like the one on the cover of this article.
  2. Take a pleasure boat with oars (20 €/hour), several rental points are located between the campsite and the hotel Vila Bled, see the purple crosses on the map above.
  3. Or sup (10 €/hour), rental there as well.
  4. Or fishing equipment (15 €/day).
  5. They say that diving here is also excellent — the water is clear and the underwater world is rich. There are 19 species of fish alone. By the way, there are plenty of fish, and they swim right up to the shore.
  6. Take a boat ride to the island and the church. The boats leave from the marina in the northeastern part of the lake and take a long route.
  7. Climb to the castle on the mountain — Blejski grad (13 €).
  8. Try the local pastry — kremšnita, or «blejska rubber».
  9. For the active — rafting, kayaking, conquering mountains and canyons.

For economical travelers: there are two Merkator supermarkets right by the lake. One is located where the campsite is (to the west) and the other is located at the last beach on the eastern side of the lake.

Bleu Castle
Bleu Castle
"Blejska Rezina", local specialty.
«Blejska Rezina», local specialty.

Lake Blejsko in winter

With the arrival of winter, the town and life by the lake comes to a standstill. Only a couple of hotels are open, where European pensioners come to relax.

Be vigilant: the apartments near Bled advertise a ski vacation with overnight stays on the lake, but it’s quite far from here to the ski slopes — you’ll need a car.

But if you find yourself in Slovenia just before Christmas, check out the lake before sunset — it’s beautifully illuminated.

Christmas on Bled
Christmas on Bled

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