Guide to beaches in Dubrovnik and surroundings
Free beaches in Dubrovnik

Guide to beaches in Dubrovnik and surroundings

Old Dubrovnik is without exaggeration the calling card of Croatia. The city is worth visiting just for the sake of it. And how pleasant it will be to lie on the beach and wash away the fatigue in the sea after walking through the medieval streets! Let’s go? The beaches of Dubrovnik are waiting!
Beaches of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik stretches along the rugged Adriatic coastline, whose bays shelter beaches to suit all tastes. Even in the high season, they will not be crowded with tourists, which is due to the relative costliness of the resort. The cost of accommodation and restaurant prices here are noticeably higher than the national average.

Sunbathing and swimming in Dubrovnik is possible wherever there is access to water. The majority of vacationers, especially those with children, prefer organized beaches. Romantics or people looking for privacy, arrange mats on stone boulders or slabs, where their rest will not be disturbed by the excited squealing of children and partying tourists. Thankfully, there are enough such places on the shore for everyone.

This is what the wild beaches in Dubrovnik look like
This is what the wild beaches in Dubrovnik look like
This is what the wild beaches in Dubrovnik look like
This is what the wild beaches in Dubrovnik look like

Dubrovnik city beaches

A few facts about the beaches within the Dubrovnik city limits, which can be reached on foot or by city bus.

  1. You can’t find an exceptionally sandy beach within the city limits and suburbs.
  2. All Dubrovnik beaches have changing booths and toilets.
  3. For sunbeds with umbrellas you have to pay 4 € per set, but everywhere you can spread out on your own towel.
  4. Using the shower costs an average of €0.15 per 30 seconds.
  5. For an additional fee you can rent a kayak, «banana», jet ski, catamaran, parachute, but water polo in a group of like-minded people can play for free.
  6. Beach cafes and restaurants are available at every developed beach.
  7. In Dubrovnik, all beaches are municipal, but many of the larger hotels located on rocky shores actually own the coastal areas, making guests' vacations more private.

Copacabana Beach in Dubrovnik

The namesake of the Brazilian beach is located on the Babin Kuk peninsula, dotted with small apartments of different price categories. Copacabana with fine round pebbles and smooth entrance to the water — the best beach for a vacation with children in Dubrovnik. A large inflatable city sways on the waves for them.

Copacabana beach is 6 km away from the historical center of Dubrovnik and can be reached by city bus number 2 in 10 minutes. In the evening, the beach turns into a nightclub with traditional disco and cocktails. From the beach you can enjoy stunning views of the Franjo Tudjman Bridge and the surrounding hills.

View of Franjo Tudjman Bridge
View of Franjo Tudjman Bridge

Uvala Lapad Beach

The longest and most popular beach with free entrance is located in a secluded bay on the Lapad peninsula. The pebbles at the water’s edge smoothly turn into a sandy bottom, so you can swim here without the traditional Croatian coral slippers. You can walk safely in the water without searching for sea urchins with your eyes. The depth in comparison with Copacabana grows faster. Inflatable attractions on the water are provided for the children to tear them to pieces.

Lapad is one of the few beaches with a parking lot, which makes it popular not only for vacationers from nearby apartments. Dubrovnik Old Town is 3.5 km away, which can be reached in 7 minutes by city bus.

  • Masarykov put 5, 20000, Dubrovnik

Danče beach

The beach for intrepid daredevils on the rocky shore is located 800 meters from the old town. Only confident swimmers will be comfortable here, because the descent into the water is steep and the sea, uncovered by islands, brings high waves.

  • Rudimira Rotera, 20000, Dubrovnik
  • Website: Danče

Buza Bar

The specific beach is located directly under the fortress walls of old Dubrovnik and is conditionally owned by the bar-restaurant, after which it is named. It is sunbathing on stone terraces. Access to the water is by means of stairs.

Buža Beach in Dubrovnik
Buža Beach in Dubrovnik

Banje Beach

Banje is Dubrovnik’s most popular beach with a claim to luxury. It even has its own reception and a posh Banje Beach Restaurant. The cost of cocktails and water entertainment equipment is quite high by Dubrovnik standards. The sand and pebble beach is located in the center of the city just south of the fortress walls of old Dubrovnik, the view of which opens from the beach. It is visited not only for swimming and sunbathing, but also for volleyball and water polo.

  • Price: entrance 3 €. Rental of a large bed with canopy — 40 €.

Sveti Jakov beach (Sveti Jakov beach)

A small picturesque pebble beach nestled on the outskirts of Dubrovnik, 2 km from the city. Entrance is free. Thanks to its location, there is no tourist frenzy and you can easily sit in the shade of pine trees. There is a parking lot adjacent to the beach.

  • Ul. Vlaha Bukovca 14, 20000

HKK beach

A kilometer from the shore is the «all green, absolutely all» island of Lokrum, which can be reached by ferry in 10 minutes to hide under the shade of trees from the heat of the day and breathe from the crowds storming the city. Peacocks roam the island and will not refuse a treat.

The rock-enclosed HKK beach on Lokrum is a nudist’s favorite.

Lokrum Island
Lokrum Island