From Riga to the sea: eight best beaches easily accessible by public transportation
Best beaches near Riga

From Riga to the sea: eight best beaches easily accessible by public transportation

The best beaches near Riga look like a picture. A coast of soft snow-white sand, shallow and warm sea, well-developed infrastructure and the opportunity to heal.
Beaches of Riga

Jūrmala (Jūrmalā)

The first thing that comes to mind when you imagine the beaches of Riga is Jurmala. The coast of this city is familiar from the times of the USSR. Here there has always been affordable recreation and clean coastline with snow-white sand, sanatoriums and SPAs.

Jurmala is a 26 km long coastline. It is not a city, but a conglomerate of small towns. The most popular ones are Lielupe, Bulduri, Dzintari and Majori. That is why there is no Jūrmala station. The coast of the resort is different. It is better to choose your vacation spot in advance.

beach entrance in Jurmala
beach entrance in Jurmala

Lielupe has a quiet and wild coastline. Those who do not like to relax on the crowded beach of the main resort come to this part of Jurmala. There are two bathing areas here at once — in the bay and on the river. The territory is landscaped. There is a parking lot, picnic areas and changing cabins, a playground for children and volleyball courts. There are nudist beaches.

The Bulduri coastline is popular when the Gulf of Riga has strong waves or the water temperature drops. It is surrounded by a pine forest. The beach is organized, the sand is snow-white and fine. On normal days there are few people, but when the main beach is crowded, everyone rushes to Bulduri.

The Dzintari coast is familiar to many people from the concert hall with the same name. In this part of Jurmala there are prestigious hotels, VIP verandas for rest. The beach is made of sand, there is everything for a comfortable vacation. Nearby Mezapark «Jūrmalas Tarzāns» obstacle park and observation deck.

The coast of Majori is the most popular among tourists. Here everything is for a comfortable vacation. The water is warm and clean. Nearby Jomas iela is the main promenade, where souvenirs and clothes are sold, you can have lunch or dinner here.

Majori beach in Jurmala
Majori beach in Jurmala

On hot days I do not recommend getting to Jurmala by car, bus and marshrutka. Traffic jams stretch from Riga: this part of the bay is popular among Riga residents.

There are trains to Dubulti, Sloka or Ķemeri to Jurmala resorts. Departures are every 15—20 minutes, sometimes more often. Travel time is 30 minutes. The carriage has wi-fi, coffee machine, bike racks, but no air conditioning.

  • Admission: free of charge.
  • Infrastructure: Free changing cabins, toilet (blue cabins), playground. On the coast cafes, pizzerias. Several playgrounds for basketball, volleyball. Sun lounger and umbrella costs 4 € until 19:00. Rent a scooter, bicycle, segway ½ hour — 12 €, 1 hour — 20 €, 2 hours — 30 €.
  • How to get there: The quick and inexpensive way is by train. Travel time is 30 minutes and the one way ticket is 1,36 € (to Maiori). You can buy it in advance at the ticket office or pay at the controller, but then you have to pay in cash only.
  • Jurmala city website.
Jurmala coastline
Jurmala coastline

Vecāķi (Vecāķi)

The closest beach to Riga is only 15 minutes from the Latvian capital. Vecaki coast is preferred by those who want to quickly get to the Gulf of Riga. The beach is long, spacious and clean, not inferior to the popular Jurmala.

There are two beaches in Vecaki — a public beach (entrance from Pludmales iela) and a nudist beach (Carnikavas novads). The sand is as white and fine as in Jurmala. The bottom is gentle and shallow, ideal for swimming with children. There are lifeguards on the coast.

  • Admission: free of charge.
  • Infrastructure: the coast has everything for a comfortable vacation with children. Free changing cabins, bio-toilets and playground, volleyball courts. You can wash your feet when leaving the beach from special taps. Paid sun beds and umbrellas (4 € until 19:00). Separate shower room, toilets, mother and child room. Open from 9:00 to 21:00 (toilet — 0,28 €).
  • How to get there: Vecaki can be reached quickly by different means of transportation. There is a shuttle bus #300 to the beach, buses #24, 29, 58 (not from the center). The train stops a little farther away, but it goes without traffic jams (15 minutes from Riga). Heading towards Sigulda, stop Vecāķi (0,8 € per ticket).
Vecaki beach
Vecaki beach

Saulkrasti (Saulkrasti)

There are several beaches in Saulkrasti, I recommend Balta Kapa (White Dune). It is a wild beach with a coast of coarse and soft sand. It is surrounded by pine forest (Piejura Park) and a river that flows into the sea. The air on the coast is clean and smells fresh.

There is no infrastructure in Balta Kapa, but the coast is clean and well-maintained. The descent into the water is gentle, the sea is shallow: about 500 meters from the shore the water will be waist-deep. Seaweed accumulates on the beach in the evening, but in the morning it is gone.

Balta Capa lacks infrastructure. Perhaps that’s why there are not so many people here. But this is the advantage of the beach — it is never crowded. You can always find a free place to sunbathe, swim or take a walk in the forest.

  • Admission: free of charge.
  • Infrastructure: there is no infrastructure at Balta Kapa, there are benches under the trees to hide from the sun.
  • How to get there: by train from Riga main railway station every 20—30 minutes to Inčupe station, then walk 1.3 km. Train in the direction of Skulte Salkrasti. Buses from Riga are more expensive and take longer. The cost is 1,81 €. Travel time is about 40 minutes.
  • Coast website.
Balta Kapa Beach
Balta Kapa Beach


Vakarbulli beach is located where the Daugava River (Riga’s main waterway) flows into the Gulf of Riga. It is an unusual place with clean coastline, small number of vacationers, developed infrastructure.

The Vakarbulli coast is just gaining popularity. Only 4—5 years ago there was no hint of a beach, but recently a blue flag has appeared — a sign of cleanliness and developed infrastructure. Wooden paths have been laid, toilets, changing cabins and even safes have been installed.

On the coast there are benches, children’s town, cafes. Lifeguards are working. The only disadvantage is that due to its proximity to the river, the water in the bay is noticeably cooler than in neighboring Jurmala.

  • Entrance: free of charge, entry by car 1 €.
  • Infrastructure: the beach is still being organized. There is everything for recreation and entertainment, safe stay in the water. There are no showers, only one cafe.
  • How to get there: the coast is on an island. Bus number 3 and 36 in the summer season stop near the beach.