Naples International Airport: How to get to Naples, Salerno, Sorrento, Amalfi
Naples Capodichino Airport: How to get there

Naples International Airport: How to get to Naples, Salerno, Sorrento, Amalfi

The easiest way to get from/to Naples airport is by Alibus bus or an official cab with a licensed Neapolitan driver. In this article you will find current schedules for 2020, prices and useful links for those traveling on their own.

Naples International Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli) is most often called by the old name of the suburb of San Pietro a Patierno in which it is located — Capodichino. It is correctly pronounced «Capodichino» in Italian, although the English pronunciation «Capodichino» is more common in Russian. Officially, the airport is named after Ugo Nieto, a native of the city, aviator and hero of the First World War. Airport code: NAP.

What time of year is best to travel to Naples?

The airport has been in operation since 1910, when it was opened as a military airfield on the site of the Field of Mars, a training ground where the first airplanes were tested. Since 1950, Naples Airport has received the status of a civilian airport. Today it is the largest transportation hub in southern Italy.

Naples Airport is not very large and is easy to navigate. Regular flights arrive at Terminal 1, charter flights at Terminal 2. The diagram of the airport, parking lots, and most importantly, public transportation stops are shown in the illustration.

Map of Capodichino Airport
Map of Capodichino Airport

How to get from Naples Airport to the city center by public transport

The airport is only 7 km from the city, and the journey between the airport and the center of Naples takes about half an hour. Back in 2013, regular municipal buses ran from Naples Airport to the city, both day and night. Since 2014, only the red-and-white Alibus (Italian pronunciation: «Alibus») shuttle of the ANM company has been serving passengers.

Alibus goes from the airport to the port of Molo Beverello and makes one intermediate stop at Piazza Garibaldi.

There are only three facts you need to know to navigate to which stop you need to go:

  1. Where is your hotel located and where is it easier to get to it — from Piazza Garibaldi or Piazza Municipio;
  2. Naples Central Station is the stop of Pla. Garibaldi, and there is also a metro station of the same name;
  3. Molo Beverello is actually Piazza Municipio (Municipio Square) and the metro stop of the same name.

If you have to travel by sea to Capri or Ischia, go to the terminus at Molo Beverello: when you get off the bus, you will immediately see kiosks selling boat tickets.

In 2020, an Alibus ticket costs 5 € and is valid for 90 minutes. The price is the same both at authorized dealers and when purchased from the driver. The first bus leaves at 06:00, the last at 23:20.

Up-to-date Alibus timetable and prices

Flight schedule from Capodichino Airport to Naples for 2020
Flight schedule from Capodichino Airport to Naples for 2020

How to get from Naples Airport to Caserta, Sorrento, Salerno

Direct buses from the airport leave not only to the center of Naples, but also to nearby cities.

Check the airport website for current prices and up-to-date schedules.

Cab from Naples airport

The Municipality of Naples strictly controls the cost of a cab ride from the airport to the city. A trip from the airport to the Central Station, the historic center or the Capodimonte Museum will cost you a fixed price of 18 €, to the port of Molo Beverello or the Archaeological Museum 21 €, to Mergellina and Posillipo 25 €.

Cab prices for suburbs and intercity travel from Naples airport

DirectionThere / backPrice, €
Roma Fiumicino / Fiumicino Airport, Romethere360
City tour of NaplesHistoric center, bay, Phlegraean Fields70
Solfatara Pozzuoli / Solfatara Pozzuolithere50
Casertaround trip, with a 2-hour wait to see the Royal Palace.110
Cassinoround trip, with a two-hour wait to see the abbey.210
Ercolanoround trip with a 2-hour wait80
Ercolano Pompei / Ercolano, Pompeiround trip with a 2-hour wait140
Pompeiround trip, two-hour wait.100
Vesuvioround trip, two-hour wait.100
Baiaround trip, with a 3 hour wait for sightseeing and Solfatara90
Coastal sightseeing tour Positano — Ravello — Amalfi — Sorrento6 hrs.230

Current cab prices (website of the commune of Naples)

Naples airport luggage room

The luggage room at Capodichino Airport (Capodichino) is located on the 1st floor of Terminal 1, in the departure area. Opening hours: from 05.00 to 22.00 daily, including holidays.

The cost of a locker at Naples airport:

  • Storage of 1 piece of luggage — 10 € per day
  • Storage + fast track — 12 € per day
  • Storage of items not allowed on board the aircraft — 4 € per day for 1 item
  • Storage of oversized luggage — 15 € per day

Current storage conditions

Sources of up-to-date information

Before traveling, be sure to check for up-to-date information on official websites.

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