Riga: how to get from the airport to the city center by bus or car
Riga: how to get to and from the airport

Riga: how to get from the airport to the city center by bus or car

Riga Airport (Riga, airport code: RIX), the largest in the Baltics, is located 13 km from the city center. It is not difficult to get there on your own. I will tell you in detail about all existing routes.

The airport is easy to navigate: it is small, almost everyone speaks Russian, and the airport website has a Russian-language version.

Riga Airport Scheme
Riga Airport Scheme

Bus Airport — Riga

The most budget-friendly way to get to the city center is by city bus. The stop is located opposite the airport, behind the parking lot P1. The route is served by shuttle buses #22 and 322: every 10—30 minutes, traveling 25—30 minutes. The last bus goes at 00:10 on weekdays and at 23:50 on weekends.

The stop in the city center is called Grecinieku iela (next to the Town Hall), and you should also get on it if you are going from the center to the airport.

  • Cost 1,15 € at the point of sale, 2 € at the driver’s desk
  • Schedule website

Tickets are sold at newsstands, NARVASEN stores and at the Information Center on the first floor in Sector E. There are e-talons available in the city: single-use (yellow) and reusable (blue). If you plan to use public transport at least 2—3 times, it is more cost-effective to buy a token for several days or several trips.

How Riga’s public transportation works

Riga airport — city center marshrutka

The 241 minibus also runs towards the center, to the Esplanade stop, same travel time as the bus, runs every 10—15 minutes from the same stop.

  • Opening hours: weekdays 06:54 to 22:20, weekends 06:46 to 22:08
  • The cost is like a bus
  • Schedule website
Diagram of route 241
Diagram of route 241

Air Baltic shuttle

A more expensive but comfortable way to get there. These colored buses are definitely hard to miss: they are painted bright green and have Airport Express inscriptions.

The express runs every 20 minutes, from 5:30 to 00:00, going all the way to the old town. The schedule is adjusted to the arrival of airplanes. If you fly to Riga on a trip, this type of transfer is already included in the price.

Tickets can be purchased when booking your flight on the AirBaltic website or from the driver.

  • It’s 20 minutes away.
  • Ticket: 6 €

Cab at Riga airport

Cabs may be the most comfortable option for transportation, but they are definitely not the most budget-friendly. It is advantageous if you are traveling with your family or company.

Cab cars can be found right near the airport, the approximate cost will be from 12 € to 15 €. If you prefer to plan your trip in advance, I recommend the Russian-speaking KiwiTaxi service: the driver will meet you with a sign and take you to your destination.

Rent a car at Riga airport

If you plan to visit neighboring cities on your own, you can rent a car right at the airport. It may be slightly more expensive than in the city center. You can also drop off the car at the airport or at any other office of the rental company — check this option and rates when choosing a car.

I recommend international aggregator sites to choose from: EconomyBookings, Auto Europe, Discover Car Hire.

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