Sperlonga: things to do and see
Sperlonga in one day

Sperlonga: things to do and see

The small picturesque town of Sperlonga is called the White City. Even the ancient Roman nobility, together with Emperor Tiberius, spent their summer seasons here, and over the centuries Sperlonga has accumulated some interesting places. People come here primarily for the picturesque ten-kilometer long beaches with golden sand, and yet a trip to Sperlonga can be combined with photo shoots, walks along the ancient streets and even scuba diving.

Tourists vacationing in the neighboring towns of Teracchina and Gaete often come to Sperlonga for an excursion. The cozy beach town attracts both Italians and foreign tourists.

Sperlonga is divided into Old Town and modern neighborhoods. The picturesque historic part of Sperlonga, Old Town, sits on top of the mountain. The New Town and beaches are located at the foot of the mountain. Both parts of the town are worth seeing. The whole of Sperlonga is a maze of streets with arches and courtyards. It is better to start your way from the Upper Town not only because of the amazing old architecture of the buildings, but also for convenience reasons: it is easier to move from the top to the bottom.

Map of Sperlonga attractions

Historical Center (Centro Storico)

The town was built as a fortress on a mountain overlooking the bay, so the views from here are spectacular. Almost all of the staircases in the city lead down to the sea, and in the opposite direction any of them can lead to the central square of the city. In sunny weather, it is impossible to be outside without sunglasses: almost all the houses in Sperlonga are dazzling white, as if the city were covered with snow. Those snow-white walls give you goosebumps. Sperlonga is often compared to the Greek islands and called «the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea» because of its white stone houses. However, there are as many pearls on the Italian coast as there are in the sea.

Sperlonga Historic Center
Sperlonga Historic Center
Sperlonga Center
Sperlonga Center
Sperlonga Historic Center
Sperlonga Historic Center

Torre Truglia watchtower

As you make your way around the old town, don’t miss Sperlonga’s calling card, the Truglia watchtower right by the harbor. On weekends it hosts exhibitions of local artists and fairs of local craftsmen. The tower is a favorite with honeymooners and tourists alike, offering magnificent views of the beaches and Gaeta Bay.

Torre Truglia Tower in Sperlonga
Torre Truglia Tower in Sperlonga

The Grotto and Villa of Tiberius

Emperor Tiberius, who left a rich legacy for all Italian historical museums, also visited this place. He liked Sperlonga so much that the emperor had another villa here, 1 km from the modern city center.

Only the foundations of the villa have survived, but there is an amazing natural object nearby — a grotto, a cave where Tiberius spent the hot summer days and where he liked to dine. Everything was arranged here for the emperor’s convenience: the cave was decorated with statues, which are now kept in the Archaeological Museum 2 steps away from the former villa.

Entrance: 5 €
Opening hours: daily, from 8:30 to 19:30. Website: Museo Archeologico Nazionale e Area Archeologica di Sperlonga
Tiberius' Grotto at Sperlonga

Sperlonga Beaches

To the right and left of the port are wide sandy beaches. All of them are free, but they are almost completely occupied by sunbeds, which cost 20 euros or more to rent. Very little space is left for those who like to sunbathe on the sand, and during the Italian vacation season (first half of August) it is always occupied.

Beaches in Sperlonga
Beaches in Sperlonga
Beaches in Sperlonga
Beaches in Sperlonga

What else is there to do in Sperlonga?

  1. Beach vacation in Sperlonga is often combined with trips to major neighboring cities: Rome and Naples.
  2. From here you can also reach Terracina, Gaeta and Formia, towns that Italians themselves love to visit for their scenic beauty and cozy beaches.
  3. Diving enthusiasts can go to Gaeta, there are many successful diving and snorkeling spots.
  4. Be sure to try the fish and seafood. There are plenty of seafood restaurants in Sperlonga.

The town of just over 3 thousand inhabitants is impressively clean and cozy, with a picturesque landscape. Coming here feels like being in a completely different world — unhurried, radiant and charming. Although Sperlonga is not easy to get to, even from Rome, a trip here will leave you with vivid memories.

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