Riga districts: where to stay and how to save money?
Riga: the best areas for tourists

Riga districts: where to stay and how to save money?

A trip to Riga is more interesting if you choose the right neighborhood to live in. Some people like the center, where city life is boiling, others are looking for a quiet and cozy place. In my experience I will tell you which neighborhood is better, how to save money and enjoy your stay in Riga.

Accommodation options with prices

Officially, Riga consists of six parts. Four on the right bank of the River Daugava and two on the left bank. For tourists, the Central District (Centrs) is of interest. The main attractions, entertainment, cultural and nightlife in this part of the city.

The Center refers to:

  • Old Riga is the oldest part of the city;
  • Quiet center — part from the Old Town and to the port of Riga;
  • The historical center is the area from the railway station between Aleksandra Čaka and Krišjāņa Valdemāra streets.

In the Center, rooms in hotels with a Booking rating of 8 and above cost from 45 € with breakfast. Apartments with authentic furnishings and views of the Old Town start from 50 €. A bed in a hostel with a rating of 8+ costs 8 €.

Old Riga
Old Riga

Densely adjacent to the very center of Riga are prestigious districts with high-rise buildings and Soviet houses after restoration. Here you can stay in apartments or a chain hotel.

Apartments in excellent condition with a Booking rating of 8+ and above — from 30 €. Hotel room with breakfast — from 45 €.

The best neighborhoods in the center of Riga

The central district is an open-air museum. Almost every building is on the UNESCO cultural heritage list. Living in this part of Riga is pleasant and comfortable. There are stores, restaurants and parks nearby. There is free internet everywhere.

The disadvantage of staying in the central district of Riga is parking prices: 0,85 — 4,27 € for the first hour. If you choose a hotel that offers its own parking lot, there will be no problems.

Old Town (Vecriga)

Old Town is the oldest neighborhood in Riga. It is surrounded by a small canal and the River Daugava. It is a small but atmospheric place with a special charm. Seventeen Moments of Spring» and «Sherlock Holmes» were filmed in these narrow streets with small colorful houses with portals.

Hotels and apartments in buildings with history. On the one hand, this is great: the rooms are authentic — wooden beams on the ceilings, floral fabric wallpaper on the walls. Highly rated rooms have been restored. The downside is the modest room sizes and cramped bathrooms.

The Old Town is home to the main sights, restaurants with national cuisine, and souvenir shops. You can have a snack at KFC and McDonald’s, buy groceries at Narvessen and Maxima. Minus — problems with parking: expensive or no parking spaces.

Old Town
Old Town

Quiet center

In this neighborhood, every building is a work of art. This is where legendary Art Nouveau houses are concentrated. The most striking ones are on Elizabetes iela and Alberta iela. The facades are richly decorated with stucco, while inside there is harmonious ornamentation, spiral staircases and high ceilings.

The Quiet Center has its few attractions, embassies in pompous buildings, parks. Hotels are predominantly 5-star. The Old Town is only a 10—15 minute walk to the Old Town, with the passenger port nearby. Parking in this area is cheaper than in Vetsrig.

Jugendstil in the quiet neighborhood
Jugendstil in the quiet neighborhood

Historical Center

The quietest and cozy district of Riga with an excellent choice of hotels and apartments at a low cost. The houses are old and not as picturesque as in Vecriga and the Quiet Center, but they are gradually being restored. In season, you can find a spacious room or a room at a lower price than in the Old Town.

It’s a quiet atmospheric neighborhood, lots of hotels and budget cafes, and the Old Town is within walking distance.

Hotels have enough space to offer customers parking, but it’s best to find out in advance.

Historical center of Riga
Historical center of Riga

Areas for living outside the center of Riga

Not far from the center there are also interesting districts to live in. In each of them there is a transport connection to the center, and you can get to sightseeing sites in 15—20 minutes.

Kipsala (Ķīpsala)

It is a small island located on the River Daugava. It is opposite Vecriga and the passenger port, so you can enjoy beautiful views of historical houses from here. To get to the center, it is enough to cross the bridge.

The island used to be a fishing village. Now there are several prestigious hotels, a loft on the site of a former factory and apartments. Renting on Kipsala is quite expensive.


Prestigious area, fully developed with new houses close to the center. Until 2006, Skanste was a green area. The Riga Arena was built here for the Ice Hockey World Championship, and later high-rise buildings appeared and buses started to run.

Skanste district is suitable for those who prefer to stay in the most modern part of Riga. The advantage is a large number of inexpensive hotels, apartments, stores and cafes. There is transport to the center. You can reach Vecriga in 15 minutes.

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