Mobile communication in Latvia for a tourist

Mobile communication in Latvia for a tourist

In Riga it is advantageous to use local sim cards for accessing the Net, calls and sms. Inexpensive Internet and calls from several operators are available to tourists with prepaid sim cards without presenting documents.

Prepaid Starter Cards

In Europe, it is advantageous to buy prepaid sim cards. This is a basic sim card for a short period of time, which needs to be recharged according to the selected tariff. No documents will be required for the purchase.

Where to buy a mobile sim card in Riga:

  • its own telecom showrooms;
  • Narvesen kiosks;
  • gas stations;
  • Maxima Hypermarket.

The price of a starter SIM card is 1—1.5 €. Several tariff plans are available (they are marked on the back of the package). The choice depends on whether you need mobile communication or Internet.

Amigo LMT SIM cards
Amigo LMT SIM cards

How to top up a prepaid card in Riga?

First you need to buy a basic sim card, then choose a tariff. Information about tariffs and how to top up the account is on the package in Russian and English.

You should pay for the tariff through a specialist in a communication salon or a cashier in a supermarket. After payment, you will receive a receipt with a code on it. This code must be sent to a short number from the enabled SIM card.

Mobile operators in Latvia

In 2017, roaming within the European Union was abolished. If you buy a sim-card in Latvia and continue traveling to other countries, the prices for services from a Latvian operator will not change. At the same time, all tariffs are more favorable than current roaming offers from providers from Russia.

All mobile operators in Latvia offer high quality communication. In the city and in the countryside, your smartphone will have an excellent signal for making calls or accessing the Internet. 3G and 4G are available everywhere, some operators offer 5G.


Tele2 is the oldest operator in Latvia, originally from Sweden. Aprepaid Sim card costs 1.49 €. Its name is Zelta Zivtiņa. After payment, the tariff will be valid for 30 days.

Tele2 showroom
Tele2 showroom

Popular prepaid fares for Zelta Zivtiņa travelers:

  • 2.99 € — unlimited sms and calls to Tele2 only;
  • 3,99 € — 150 minutes, 150 sms and 150 MB;
  • 4,99 € — unlimited calls and internet, 1000 sms.

After a month you can repeat the payment and continue using the operator’s services. Anything not spent will be transferred to the next month.


Latvian telecommunications operator LMT is one of the most popular in the country. It provides good communication at low cost, including for tourists. Karte» (1 €) and «Amigo» (1.49 €) prepaid cards are sold for tourists.

The cost of services depends on the needs:

  • 2 € — one week of unlimited calls and sms, 150 MB;
  • 1,50 € — 1 GB Internet week, unlimited sms, 10 minutes for calls;
  • 2,50 € — one week of unlimited internet, no limits on sms, 10 minutes for calls.
IMT Salon
IMT Salon

The prepaid Sim card is valid for 60 days. If you top up the account according to the tariff price, you can use it for another month.


The BITE starter kit of the Bite mobile operator is valid only in Latvia. Sim card is free and available for 1 month. One minute of talk time will cost 0,11 €, sms 0,06 €, Internet 1 MB 0,06 €. The bundle is called «Prepaid Start».

If you need unlimited Internet and calls within Latvia, the fee is 4.75 € per month (Prepaid package). To use services in other EU countries, you will have to pay 6.75 € per month. The package is called «Prepaid Europe».

Bite Communications
Bite Communications

Free Internet in Riga

From personal experience, in the center of Riga free Wi-Fi is almost everywhere. Strong signal at the bus and train station, in the Old Town near chain cafes (KFC and McDonald’s), near the Lido café.

Free Wi-Fi points are also available in parks. The local operator Lattelecom serves Vērmanes dārzs (Vērmanes park), Esplanāde (parks Esplanāde).