Northern beaches of Puglia: from Gargano to Bari
Beaches of the north of Puglia

Northern beaches of Puglia: from Gargano to Bari

North of Bari, the Apulian coastline is riddled with coves and bays, with sandy and pebble beaches, where visitors come for relaxation and photogenic scenery.

In this article I will tell you about the beaches on the Adriatic coast from the Tremiti Islands to Bari. Read about the beaches from Bari to Brindisi here. And the southernmost beaches of Puglia are on the Ionian Sea.

Map of Puglia beaches: Adriatic Coast

Beaches on the Tremiti Islands (Isole Tremiti)

Isole Tremiti is an archipelago of five islands 20 km from the port of Termoli or Rodi Garganico. The inhabited San Domino and San Nicola are reached by ferry, while Capraia can be reached by boat. The other two are protected areas.

All beaches on the islands are free, there is no infrastructure.

Cala dei Turchi (Capraia)

A miniature rocky wild beach surrounded by cliffs, one of the most popular Instagram locations in Puglia. It is difficult to reach, but is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. People come here for diving, snorkeling and for the white cliffs. There are sea urchins under the water, but it is so clear that they are easy to spot.

You can get to the beach by renting a motorboat on San Nicola. Usually leave the vehicle on the opposite shore and walk 200 meters to the coast.

Cala Pietre di Fucile (Capraia)

This is the most impressive beach among all the small beaches on the island of Capraia. The coast is covered with rocks. On one side is a rocky cliff, on the other side is the crystal clear sea.

The name Pietre di Fucile means «Rifle Stones»: the monks who inhabited the islands in the last century used the largest stones as ammunition.

  • How to get there: from the port of Termoli, Vasto, Vieste, Garganico or Foggia there are boats, catamarans and hydrofoils. The cost depends on the season and the port. July-August from 15,80 to 23,10 €. You can book and find out the price here or here. Travel time is 50—60 minutes.
  • Website: Tremity

Cala Tonda (San Domino)

The small rocky cove is the perfect beach to hide from the people and the scorching sun. It is located on the main island of the archipelago, but away from the popular beaches.

The main advantage of this place is the clear water, silence and the possibility to dive from a low cliff. The bottom is not very deep, but not shallow like in the rest of the island.

  • Infrastructure: on the island you can rent a boat and sail around the bay.
  • How to get there: by ferry from the port of Termoli to the archipelago and the island of San Domino.

Cala degli Inglesi (San Domino)

The stony cove with clear water is a popular place among tourists. Nearby there is a tourist center where you can take an umbrella and a deck chair, a boat, diving paraphernalia.

The coastline is on a rocky cliff, but the views and calm sea make up for this disadvantage.

  • How to get there: from the port of Termoli take the ferry to San Domino Island, then navigate to the tourist club. It is within walking distance of the pier.
  • Website: hiking club.

Grotte del Bue Marino (San Domino)

A great place for those who have never seen the grottos. It is a wild beach for relaxation and excursions to the cave. Ticket to the cave costs 10 €, boat rental 13 €. It is cool inside (about 17°C).

The beach itself is wild, the water is clear and cool. The surroundings are quiet and secluded.

  • How to get there: from the port of Termoli take the ferry to the island of San Domino, then take a boat to the grotto.

Cala Matano (San Domino)

Coast with equipped beach surrounded by cliffs. It is easily accessible from the pier through a pine forest. Near the entrance there is a kiosk with umbrellas and deck chairs. All around is a little corner of paradise with clear water and rocky beach.

  • Price: admission is free. 1 umbrella and 2 sun loungers per day — 20 €.
  • Infrastructure: there are umbrellas, sun beds, showers, lifeguards.
  • How to get there: from Termoli port take the ferry to San Domino Island, then walk 10 minutes to the beach.

Cala dei Pagliai (San Domino)

Another picturesque and photogenic beach on Tremity. It is suitable for beautiful photos, but not for swimming. The beach is located on the island of San Domino. It can only be accessed by boat.

The beach was named after the monolithic rocks of unusual shape, which in their outline resemble a giant stack.

  • Price: San Domino Island offers boat rentals from 30 € (half day) to 50 €. The price includes snorkeling mask and snorkel, drinks and lunch.
  • Infrastructure: none.
  • How to get there: Helicopter from Vieste and Foggia, boat from Termoli.
  • Schedule and ticket prices

Beaches of Foggia Province (Foggia)

The Foggia coastline will appeal to families traveling by car: it is a long way to get here by public transport, so only knowledgeable tourists and locals come here. The beaches are predominantly sandy and free, located in bays with shallow seas.

Torre Mileto (San Nicandro Garganico)

The picturesque location is characterized by calm sea and sandy coastline. The beach has a gentle descent into the water and is ideal for families with small children. There is also a photogenic old white-washed tower.

There is an umbrella and sun lounger for rent on the beach. Nearby there are cafes, hotels and camping. There is a bus stop nearby, which provides easy access to major cities.

  • Price: free.
  • Infrastructure: sun loungers, umbrellas, there are showers and toilets.
  • How to get there: from any major city take the Trenitalia to San Severo station and then take the ACAPT bus 52m. The same buses run from Foggia and Termoli.

Baia di Monaccora (Peschici)

The snow-white Blue Flag beach is characterized by a clean coastline and clear azure-colored water. It is wide, spacious and equipped with everything you need. It is surrounded by a pine forest. Nearby is the Gargano National Park.

The sea is calm, there are restaurants and cafes around, camping sites. If you want to walk, there is a forest, several interesting places and hills nearby.

  • Price: there is a free part, the paid areas belong to hotels and campground.
  • Infrastructure: no lifeguards, no showers or toilets.
  • How to get there: from Foggia or San Severo train station take the Trenitalia train to Peschici stop. Then by bus to the camping site or Hotel Monaccora.
  • Website

Lido del Sole (Rodi Garganico)

Just west of the small town of Rodi Garganico, sand dunes stretch along the coast, gently sloping down to the sea. Lido del Sole is a very popular destination for families, thanks to its large area, choice of services, fine sand and gentle slope.

Lido del Sole resembles a tourist center with many hotels, camping sites. In summer time there are restaurants, cafes, stores with food. In the evening there are shows with live music and animation.

  • Price: depends on the season, but it is better to check with the manager on the site for booking umbrellas and deck chairs. The price includes a sun lounger and an umbrella. For hotel guests entrance to the beach and a place on the 4th row is free of charge. Seats on the 1—3 rows are paid.
  • Infrastructure: hot and cold shower, toilet, deck chairs and umbrellas, cafe, playground, wi-fi, beach volleyball court, first aid kit.
  • How to get there: take the Ferrovie Del Gargano train from Foggia to the Ischitella stop.
  • Website: general information and for umbrella and sun lounger reservations.

San Menaio (Vico del Gargano)

Public beach near San Menaio railway station, between Peschichi and Rodi Garganico. The small village is surrounded by Mediterranean greenery. The coast is made of sand. The sea water is clean and transparent.

Near several private beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas. Within walking distance of cafes with Puglian cuisine, camping and hotels.

  • How to get there: by Ferrovie del Gargano train from Foggia or any other major city connected by rail. Tickets from Foggia cost 7.5 €, Viesta 2.5 €. Travel time is on average 1 hour.

Baia delle Zagare (Mattinata)

The coast is located 15 km from the town of Mattinata on Cape Gargano. The beach is a picturesque and unspoiled bay 1 km long. The southern part is covered with pebbles and small stones, the northern part with fine sand.

The coast can be reached via the local Baia delle Zagare Hotel and by water. If you take a boat to the coast, you will have a breathtaking view of the white stony cliffs overhanging the sea.

  • Price: free admission for hotel guests, room from 20 € per day.
  • Infrastructure: the price includes a panoramic elevator descent, a place to rest (1 umbrella, 2 sun beds). You can rent kayaks, boats for excursions. There are restaurants and bars on the beach.
  • How to get there: from Foggia railway station take the Sita bus or the Ferrovie del Gargano train towards Vieste. On-demand bus stop next to the hotel. The train station is named after the beach.

Baia di Zaiana (Pescici)

A small bay in southern Italy with calm sea and warm, clear water. The beach is clean and well-maintained, consisting of sand and pebbles. Nearby are several karst caves and grottos. There is a cable car. It connects the mountain peak and the coast.

The picturesque coastline is surrounded by rocky mountains and greenery. On the territory you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds or just stay on the beach. There is a convenient parking lot, a national park and campgrounds nearby. The bar sells tickets for the boat to Vieste.

  • Price: free entrance, parking 5 € for the whole day, rental of umbrella and sun lounger 10—15 €.
  • Infrastructure: sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, there is a bar in the rock, near toilet and showers.
  • How to get there: take the train to Peschici station and then walk or take a cab to the coast.

Porto Greco (Vieste)

The beach is very small, is a sandy bay surrounded by white cliffs covered with greenery. The views are fantastic, there are few people.

The coast is quiet, the sea water is clean and clear, and the slope is gentle. Sometimes tourists come to the beach from the boat and then it gets noisy, but not for long.

  • Price: free.
  • Infrastructure: none, except for parking for 5 € on the site.
  • How to get there: from Vieste it takes only 20 minutes (14 km) by car on a winding road. There is no public transportation.

Cala san Felice (Vieste)

Cala san Felice is a deep bay with two sandy beaches and a cove. There is plenty of vegetation everywhere and the coastline offers an amazing view of the erosional arch of rock (Architiello).

Washed by clear water, this place is ideal for swimming and sailing. The coastline is about 50 meters long. The coastline is located on the territory of Vieste. It can be accessed by sea or through the San Felice campground, which offers services and all amenities.

  • Price: 15 € for 2 sunbeds with umbrella, shower and parking. Payment at the entrance to the campground. It is free to enter the site, but parking outside the campground is problematic.
  • Infrastructure: There are changing cabins, toilets and showers, cafe, rental of motor boats for a walk to the arch.
  • How to get there: from Piazzale Manzoni bus station in Vieste, take SITA buses or the Ferrovie del Gargano train to San Felice campsite.

Spiaggia Lunga di Vieste (Vieste)

The beach belongs to the campground of the same name, located in the mountains between Peschichi and Vieste. The coastline of golden sand in the Gulf of Santa Maria di Merino is covered in greenery.

Gentle entrance to the sea and shallow depth is suitable for recreation with children. There are umbrellas, sun loungers and a volleyball court on the coast. You can go diving and windsurfing.

Baia dei Campi (Vieste)

A natural oasis a few kilometers from Vieste. A coastline with fine pebbles and crystal clear water surrounded by rocks and greenery. Not far away are small islands that can be reached by swimming or renting a boat for 10 €.

On the coast there are free beaches and private beaches with all amenities. Nearby is a campground with bungalow and cabin rentals. There are bars and restaurants downstairs and a barbecue area upstairs.

  • Infrastructure: there are umbrellas and sunbeds, pizzeria, bars, stores, playground, boats for rent and diving equipment.
  • How to get there: free shuttle service from Vieste to the campsite can be booked on the website. Valid for those who stay at the campsite for several days. Vieste can be reached by train Ferrovie del Gargano.
  • Website: campground.

Cala della Pergola (Vieste)

A small beach stretching along the cliffs. In windless weather it is clean, the water is clear and warm. The coast is wild, but beautiful without any amenities. Even in high season there are few tourists here.

  • Price: free.
  • Infrastructure: none.
  • How to get there: the beach is located in a protected area 32 km from Vieste and Mattinata. It can be reached by car and can be left 2 meters from the coast.
  • Website

Beaches of Barletta Province (Barletta)

The commune of Barletta is characterized by its small size, but the main town beach is 4 km of sandy beaches, where landscaped lidos (paid beaches) alternate with free sections. The beach area starts right next to the port and extends westward, the coastline is made up of sand, clean and well-maintained. The water is warm and clear, the entrance to the sea is gentle.

Thanks to its good infrastructure, Barletta can be a reference point for exploring the northern part of Puglia. How to plan a vacation in Barletta

Margherita di Savoia (Barletta)

West of Barletta lies the resort town of Margherita di Savoia. The beaches are among the most beautiful and clean in Puglia. The umbrellas and sun loungers on the private beaches are made of natural materials and stylized in the style of Havana or Haiti.

  • Price: public is free, private beach fees vary from 15 to 25 €.
  • Infrastructure: on the free beach umbrellas, deck chairs, shower, toilet, cafe and wi-fi.
  • How to get there: from Barletta from the San Giovanni Rotondo stop to the Margherita Di Savoia stop in 33 minutes, the SITAsud bus takes you to the beach. Then walk 140 meters to the beach. The cost is 1.1 €.

Spiaggia di Trani (Trani)

Trani’s coastline is white sands surrounded by rolling hills. They are all within walking distance of the town. There are public and private beaches. A popular one is Baia del Pescatore, ideal for walking and swimming.

A little farther away is the beach Lido Colonna. It is equipped with everything necessary for civilized rest. Nearby there is a popular restaurant with local cuisine, changing cabins.

  • Price: free.
  • Infrastructure: depends on the place of stay. Public ones do not have umbrellas and sun loungers, private ones are for rent.
  • How to get there: from Barletta to Trani by Trenitalia train for 1,1 €, then walk along the coast to any beach.

Spiaggia di Bisceglie (Bisceglie)

The Bisceglie coastline is home to several beaches — popular and wild, sandy and rocky. Like any other beach in Barletta, it’s easy to get to.

Public beaches are predominantly composed of fine and white sand. Wild ones are stony and small in size. But all of them are characterized by clean and clear water, medium depth.

  • Price: public beaches are free, private ones belong to hotels.
  • Infrastructure: depends on the beach.
  • How to get there: there is a Trenitalia regional train from Barletta to Bisceglie. The ticket costs 1,8 €.

To the east of Bisceglie begin the beaches of the province of Bari, and even further east and south are the Apulian «Maldives» with their white sands and piercing turquoise sea.