All ways to get from Trieste airport to the city center
Trieste: how to get to and from the airport

All ways to get from Trieste airport to the city center

Trieste Friuli Venezia Giulia International Airport (in Italian Aeroporto di Trieste-Friuli Venezia Giulia) is located 40 km north of the capital of the autonomous region of Trieste. Previously, the airport was named Trieste — Ronchi dei Legionari (Trieste — Ronchi dei Legionari), after the name of the village located within walking distance of it. Therefore, this variant of the name is sometimes found on the Internet. Another frequent name is Monfalcone Airport, after the large settlement nearby. All these are the same airport of Trieste. The International Air Transport Association classification code is TRS.

Aeroporto di Trieste — Friuli Venezia Giulia

The airport in Trieste is small: a few stores, a tiny «dyutik» and a couple of bars. It is definitely not worth arriving there too early: there is nothing to do there. The waiting room is as small as airport, but there are very few flights and there are enough seats. There is also a business lounge, unlike Treviso Airport, but it is not always open.

Check-in desks at Trieste airport
Check-in desks at Trieste airport
Waiting room
Waiting room

Despite its modest scope and small number of flights so far, the airport is obviously very ambitious: new, modern, convenient and tightly connected to the national rail and highway networks thanks to the intermodal transit hub, which was only completed in March 2018. It now serves as an air-road-rail interchange. This has made the airport accessible and convenient for use by residents of nearby cities and countries — Slovenia and Croatia.

Bus from Trieste airport to the city

The route from the airport to the bus station, which is located in the center of Trieste next to the train station, is operated by APT Gorizia. Bus stops are located across the street from the airport, in the new intermodal terminal. Orient yourself to the blue and white tunnel that runs above the freeways. You need to get there.

Intermodal terminal: here you can walk to bus and train stops
Intermodal terminal: here you can walk to bus and train stops
Beyond that sign is the descent to the bus station
Beyond that sign is the descent to the bus station

Bus ticket

Buy your ticket before you board the bus:

  1. In ticket machines located in the arrival hall near the main exit (there is also an electronic board with the bus schedule) or outside the airport — in the passageway, opposite the bus stop.
  2. At the tourist information desks in the arrivals hall. Look for the sign #FVGlive. Your other questions can be answered there as well.

Buses to Trieste central bus station leave from platform 16. The bus board should read: E51 MONFALCONE/TRIESTE.

The return trip to the airport is easy: buses on route E51 to Udine depart regularly from Trieste’s central bus station, stopping at the airport. You can buy a ticket at the ticket office or at a ticket vending machine.

  • Fare: 4,05 €
  • Frequency: every 30 minutes on weekdays and Saturdays, every 1—2 hours on Sundays and holidays.
  • Travel time: 51 to 55 minutes
  • Opening hours: from 5:55 to 23:30
  • Schedule on the website
ATM, parking lot and train and bus ticket vending machines are located in the main hall of the airport
ATM, parking lot and train and bus ticket vending machines are located in the main hall of the airport

Train from the airport to Trieste

The airport’s passenger terminal is connected to the Trieste Airport railway station by a 425-meter-long elevated passage equipped with travolators. The station was opened very recently, on March 19, 2018. It is served by Trenitalia (Trenitalia). There are regional trains (electric trains) and high-speed trains (Frecce) to the central station of Trieste. Frecce are 5 minutes faster than electric trains and cost twice as much.

When you go back to the airport, take the train to Udine. You will need to get off at the Trieste Airport station.

Train at Trieste Airport station
Train at Trieste Airport station

Train ticket

As with the bus, the ticket is purchased before boarding. Before boarding the train, the ticket must be validated in a special white and green colored device. They are located at the very beginning of the platform. If this is not done, you can get a solid fine. The control goes often.

  1. At the ticket machine at the station. Payment by card and cash.
  2. In advance online on the website of the carrier Trenitalia. You don’t need to compost it, but it will be valid for the train you choose. If you are late, you will have to buy a new one.
  • Fare: 4,15 € — adult and 2,05 € — child. If purchased online from 3,30 € — adult and 1,65 € — child.
  • Frequency: every 30 min from 5:00 to 9:00 am and from 3:00 to 00:00 pm, from 11:00 to 3:00 pm — every hour
  • Travel time: 29—34 minutes
  • Mode of operation: 5:27 — 00:17.
  • Schedule:

Shuttle or Airbus

There is no airbus or shuttle from Monfalcone Airport to Trieste without intermediate stops. But with the way public transport is organized, it is not necessary. There are trains that make only one stop in Monfalcone. Travel time is 29 minutes. And there is no traffic jams.


The official airport cab service is CONSORZIO TAXI Aeroporto F.v. G. s.r.l. The taxi stand is located right at the terminal exit.

  • Fare: according to the meter, but on average from 65 €
  • Frequency: as soon as there are available cars at the counter — immediately
  • Cabs can be booked in advance on the website
  • Travel time: ~32 minutes
  • Working hours: round the clock

Trieste Airport Transfer

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Airport does not have bass shuttles to larger cities, which travelers are used to at major airports. When you need to get further than the center of Trieste, there are two options left: first by public transport to the center of Trieste, from where you can leave by train or bus; or you can book a cab or shuttle right away.

If an unpredictable taximeter makes you nervous, it is best to book a transfer in advance. The price will be fixed, despite traffic situations and other collisions that may occur on the way. Moreover, you won’t have to look for a cab stand: the driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name and surname.

Fare: fixed, from 52 €, depends on the destination.

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