How to get from Treviso Airport to Venice and back by public transportation
Treviso Airport: How to get to Venice

How to get from Treviso Airport to Venice and back by public transportation

Antonio Canova Airport (L’aeroporto «Antonio Canova» di Treviso-Sant’Angelo, code TSF) is located three kilometers from the town of Treviso. Hardly anyone goes to Treviso for tourist purposes, but the distance from the most romantic city in Italy, Venice, only 20 kilometers provides the city with a steady stream of tourists. I will tell you how to get to Venice by the fastest ways.

Bus from Treviso airport to the train station

The easiest and cheapest way to travel from the airport is by city bus. The company has 2 routes: the regular city route No. 6 and a special AirLink shuttle route.

Bus 6, Treviso airport.
Bus 6, Treviso airport.

Route 6

At the airport, the stop is just to the right of the terminal exit. When traveling from the city, the bus starts from the stop opposite the train station.

Since it is a regular city bus, it stops at all the stops and you can get on wherever you want. The bus runs from 6am until almost 11pm. The stops do not always have a pavilion: sometimes they are just marked with a sign that says MobilitadiMarca.

Bus stop in Treviso
Bus stop in Treviso
  • Traffic interval: every 30 minutes.
  • Travel time: 20 minutes.
  • The last flight from the airport to the city is at 22:35. The last flight to the airport from the railway station is at 22:17. The schedule is different on weekends. Check the current schedule on the website of the transportation company, see line No. 6.
  • Price: a regular city ticket for 1.3 € can be bought at any tobacconist or newsstand, at ticket machines (no one has seen them, but they exist). If you buy a ticket from the driver, it’s 2,5 €. All fares are here. The ticket must be validated upon boarding.
Ticket for a single ride on a Treviso city bus
Ticket for a single ride on a Treviso city bus

AirLink Shuttle

In June 2019, the same municipal transport operator, together with Trenitalia, launched an express flight from the airport to Treviso Centrale station. The buses are bright, conspicuous, black and red with the AirLink logo. The flight runs without intermediate stops from 6:23 to 22:00. At the airport, the stop is in a covered area right at the terminal exit.

  • Traffic interval: every 30 minutes.
  • Travel time: less than 15 minutes.
  • The last flight from the airport to the city is at 22:10. The last flight to the airport from the railway station is at 21:53.
  • Price: for 2.5 € you can buy a ticket for a single trip without luggage directly from the driver. Via the app, online, through Trenitalia or from the driver, for 3.5 — 5 € you can buy a ticket that is valid for all public transport in Treviso for 48 — 72 hours.
  • All pricing and schedule information on the carrier’s website.
  • Not only Treviso: AirLink can take you to Padua, Vicenza and other cities in the region. Read more on the Trenitalia website.

Train from Treviso to Venice

The way is not the fastest, but quite economical: you can get from Treviso airport to Venice for only 5 €.

First you need to get from the airport to the train station Treviso Centrale, and from there take a train to Venice Mestre or Santa Lucia.

You can buy a single AirLink ticket for 7 €, or you can take the city bus 6 to the station and buy a train ticket separately.

Shuttles Treviso — Venice

Treviso is considered the second airport of Venice after Marco Polo, so the connection between the airport and the city on the island is organized very intensively. Several companies operate shuttles to Venice.

Shuttle Terravision

White modern buses with a blue and pink logo run without intermediate stops from the airport to Mestre and then to the island of Tronchetto. Tickets must be bought in advance on the website, and then be sure to print them out. Baggage is free of charge.

Where to look for stops:

  • In Venice — on the island of Tronchetto, 20 meters from the People Mover.
  • In Mestre, by the train station, opposite the Hotel Plaza.
  • At Treviso Airport: bus parking lot directly in front of the terminal exit.

Terravision ticket is convenient to buy when you are afraid that the plane may land with a delay: the ticket is valid for all subsequent flights on the same day.

  • Fare: 11 € one way, 20 € round trip. Return ticket is valid for 10 days.
  • Frequency: every 30 minutes from 6:00 to 23:00. Be sure to check the schedule on the website.
  • Travel time: 40 minutes.

Shuttle ATVO

ATVO is the only company that brings passengers to Venice directly to Piazzale Roma, opposite Venice Santa Lucia station. The shuttle schedule is specially adapted to the flight schedule of Ryanair, the main carrier of Treviso Airport. A separate ATVO ticket office is open from 7:30 to 22:30 in the arrivals area of the airport. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office, at the machine in the baggage claim area, on the ATVO website and even from Ryanair flight attendants during the flight. The ticket must be validated at the bus stop before boarding the bus.

In Mestre, buses make 2 stops: in the old center (on Corso del Popolo in front of BNP Bank) and near the train station. The bus stop can be found near the passenger terminal.

  • Fare: 11 € one way, 22 € round trip.
  • Frequency: varies as buses adjust to airline flights. Check the website.
  • Travel time: 1 hour and 10 minutes.
  • Mode of operation: from 8:00 to 21:55 from the airport, from 5:30 to 19:00 from Venice.

GoOpti Shuttles

GoOpti is more of a shuttle than a shuttle. The schedule floats within an hour, and the exact departure time is communicated a day in advance via text message. There are night flights, unlike other buses. A great option for those who arrived at the airport late at night, when most transportation is no longer functioning. Tickets are sold on specialized websites. The stop is opposite the airport terminal, in a large parking lot.

GoOpti stop at Treviso airport.
GoOpti stop at Treviso airport.
  • Fare: from 27 €, but if you buy tickets in advance, you can buy from 9 €.
  • Frequency: irregular; check the website.
  • Schedule: on the GoOpti website.

Treviso airport cab

The cars stop right near the airport exit. Many drivers do not know English, and if you do not know Italian, it is better to book an airport transfer in advance.

  1. Fare: from 69 €.
  2. Travel time: 35 minutes.
  3. Working hours: round the clock
  4. How to order: KiwiTaxi or TaxiTreviso

How do you get from Treviso to Venice at night or on a Sunday?

On Sunday, bus and shuttle schedules may change slightly. Check with the carriers' websites before traveling. However, even on weekends you can get to/from the airport by the same means without problems.

The situation is different with night flights. After 22:30 and until 5:00 the connection between Venice and Treviso Canova Airport is carried out:

  • GoOpti shuttle service (schedule is floating, there may not be a night flight).
  • Cab.

If arriving late in the evening or leaving before dawn, the best option is to rent a hotel in Treviso itself for the night and get there by cab (no more than 50 €) or request a hotel shuttle.

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