Restaurants, hotels and stores in major Moroccan cities where you can buy alcohol
Map: where to buy alcohol in Morocco

Restaurants, hotels and stores in major Moroccan cities where you can buy alcohol

In the land of ever-ripe tangerines, finding a simple beer or wine is getting harder and harder every year. My friends and I have made a map of places in the largest tourist cities of Morocco, where alcohol is still definitely available in 2019. Each place has been checked personally. If you can add other places or if any of these places are no longer selling alcohol during your visit, please let us know at [email protected].

How much wine, beer and spirits cost in Morocco

Map of stores, bars and hotels with alcohol in Morocco


Stores with alcohol in Rabat

Mega Mall (Mega Mall). Not the biggest shopping center, but still the most affordable in the city. There is a small department with souvenirs for the tourist on the basement floor. Local gray wine and beer are sometimes available. Be prepared for prices to be inflated by almost 20%.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Rabat

Yucatan. Convenient infrastructure — a small bar is located near the train station. Wine and beer are on offer, but you can visit the place only after 16:00. It is better to book a table in advance.

Sofia Palace. Alcohol can be purchased here, but it is not recommended. The drinks are noticeably diluted, and the high prices leave much to be desired. It is worth visiting solely because of the wonderful atmosphere. Only cash is accepted in the restaurant.

Hotels with alcohol in Rabat

Villa Mandarine. The bar on the first floor of the building offers only non-alcoholic beer, but if you pay a «development fee» you can take advantage of the «special menu». The fee is usually no more than 1 euro. Alcohol will be served in a soda bottle with questionable inscriptions in the local dialect. The hotel is very popular and almost always booked, with rooms starting at 100 €.


Stores with alcohol in Fez

The store is located at 52 av Hassan 2. The store can be recognized from the street by the sign with a tangerine with a cocktail straw. Large assortment of well-known brands. Be prepared to show your passport at the entrance. Only cash payment is accepted.

Carefour in the Borj Nord shopping center. Alcohol is located in a separate room at the Carefour hypermarket in the New City of Fez. Wide assortment and adequate prices. They accept payment by card.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Fez

Piano Bar de J.P . Unpretentious music, but the atmosphere is restless. This bar is not recommended for single girls.

Dar Hatim. The establishment includes two separate premises. The first is for locals, while tourists are sent to the second. Prices for food are overpriced, a bottle of medium wine here can cost 7—11 €.

Hotels with alcohol in Fez

Dar D’or Fes. If you accidentally wander into this hotel while strolling through the local streets and politely ask for «something for the soul», you will be politely refused. However, tourists have long been using the following flyhack: the hotel room can be rented in the mode of hourly payment, and then the real Ali Baba’s cave opens up: a rich assortment of drinks with any alcohol content. It is worth noting that it is advisable to book rooms for such fun in advance.


Stores with alcohol in Casablanca

Carrefour HyperMarché and Carrefour Gourmet. Alcohol is not available in all Carefour supermarkets, but these two definitely have it for now.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Casablanca

Bar Atomic. Prices are relatively low compared to other establishments. However, you should be prepared for unfriendly staff, no menu and no bar list. Visitors are not really appreciated here, but you can take alcohol with you. It closes at 23:00.

Restaurant Boca Grande. Mediterranean cuisine. It is better to book a table in advance — the place is almost always full. The dishes are not exquisite, but low prices for alcohol (from 7 €) make up for it. For a full dinner you can pay 20—30 € on average.

Hotels with alcohol in Casablanca

Mehdi House. The guest house provides a common living room. If you are lucky enough to have cheerful neighbors, you don’t have to go far and sit down for a «bottle of red wine» at a common table, having warned the owners of the apartments about noisy parties. It is worth being careful: if the neighbors turn out to be against alcohol, there may be incidents with fights.


Stores with alcohol in Marrakech

L’atelier du Vin. A small wine store. Here you can buy local gray wine at adequate prices. It closes relatively early — at 19:45.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Marrakech

La Cueva restaurant bar à tapas. Live music after 23:00. The prices are quite low and the wine list is large.

Le Marrakchi Restaurant. The place is considered touristy even by the standards of Marrakech, so do not expect low prices. But they can be called fair — the service here remains at the highest level.

Hotels with alcohol in Marrakech

Villa Malekis by Sejour Maroc. A place for those who do not spare money. There is a golf course. VIP services include a personal waiter who will make sure that the alcoholic beverage in your glass does not run out.


Stores with alcohol in Agadir

Carefour, in a small shopping center near Supratours station, has an alcohol department.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Agadir

As in other seaside cities, finding alcohol in Agadir is not a big problem. All the bars in the city are located along the beach line: from AMANE BAR in the south of the beach to Em Luxury Lounge-Bar in the north. The largest concentration of expensive and presentable bars is in the Le Z Restaurant Bar Tapas Agadir area.

Irish Pub Agadir. The place is closed during Ramadan, so be careful. On the menu: Russian vodka, American whiskey, local wine and beer. It closes at 3 am.

Restaurant la Truite. A restaurant-brewery, located near the spice market and aimed, of course, at tourists. The prices are quite high.

Hotels with alcohol in Agadir

Les Almohades (Allegro Agadir). The choice of alcoholic cocktails is small and limited to the standard Mojito and Whiskey-Cola. The local bartenders do not spare degrees, and lemonade is added to cocktails only for the sake of beauty.


Stores with alcohol in Tangier

Casa Pépé. A solid selection of wine (and not only local), liquor and beer. If you buy from 200 € you can have it delivered to your hotel. In addition, after a small tasting, you can buy imported and local cheeses. Open from 9:00 to 23:00.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Tangier

There is no shortage of bars in Tangier: in the city center, near the seafront, you will easily find a bar for your taste and price: Tangerinn, Blue Pub, English Pub, Pub Carrousel, El ConTacto, etc. All of them are marked on our map.

CHICO’S. Perfect value for money. Not bad snacks and a large assortment of good local beer. Among the disadvantages: no Wi-Fi and payment in cash only.

Ali Baba restaurant. During Ramadan, the establishment is open during the day. There is a special menu with pictures for those who do not know French. Buying alcohol is possible when ordering a banquet of 8 people or more. The bottle fee will be about 30%.

Hotels with alcohol in Tangier

Dar Omar Khayam. Officially, alcohol is not sold here. However, it is the only place in the whole of Morocco where you can buy homemade tangerine tincture from the owners for the price of a good expensive wine: the drink is somewhat reminiscent of lemon liqueur.


There are no stores with alcohol in Shefchaouen (Chaveneh). If you find one, email us to add it to the map.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Chavin

OumRabie. It seems to be the only bar in Chavena — we didn’t find any others. Lots of locals watching soccer broadcasts after work. Not the coziest place, but practically the only one in town where they sell alcohol. beer is cheap, and prices for a bottle of wine start from 11 €. From the musical accompaniment — jazz. Be prepared for the fact that visitors are expected to tip generously. You should not neglect your safety: the bar is located in the city, which is considered the «drug center» of the country.

Hotels with alcohol in Chavin

Parador. The second and probably the last place in Chefchaouen after OumRabie where you can buy alcohol. The hotel restaurant is considered quite expensive — a bottle of wine here costs from 20 €.


Stores with alcohol in Essaouira

Carefour again saves Europeans who are no strangers to alcohol. However, it is located far away, on the outskirts of the city.

Bars and restaurants with alcohol in Essaouira

Unknown But Cheap. A classic drinking establishment. Beer can be bought for 1.5 €, which is cheap at local rates. There are a lot of locals who will not mind to talk quietly with tourists. From the disadvantages — dirt and unsanitary.

Restaurant la clé de voûte. A tiny restaurant that is praised for its food, comparing it to Michelin restaurants. From drinks — Moroccan wine, beer and light cocktails. It is better to book a table in advance. The institution is open 6 days a week, closed on Monday. You won’t be able to sit here until morning: it is open until midnight.

In resort Essaouira, unlike other Moroccan cities, it is relatively easy to find alcohol bars. Along the beach there are several other quite alcoholic bars and restaurants: Miramar, Mogadore, Le Club.