How to get from Fes to Fes Saiss airport and back
Fez Airport: How to get there

How to get from Fes to Fes Saiss airport and back

Fes Sais International Airport is located about 15 km from the city. The airport itself is compact, modern and beautiful, the road to the city is delightful, but public transportation is a problem.

Bus between the airport and the city of Fez

The regular city bus number 16 runs between Fes train station and Fes Sais (Fès-Saïss Airport). The problems are two:

  1. The bus does not have a fixed schedule;
  2. It is difficult to find the stop in the city: it is not marked in any way.

Getting from the city to the airport by bus is a quest, but the return journey is easier. If you took a bus from the airport to Fez, try to immediately spot a stop in the opposite direction. It can be convenient to take the bus from the airport to the city if you arrive before 8pm.

Finding a stop near the airport is easy, and if you have any problems, you can always ask the airport staff — they speak English or French.

Heading from Fez to the airport, look for the stop to the left of the main entrance to the Train Station. There are no signs, so look out for crowds of people with suitcases. It is better to arrive at the stop in advance: you may have to wait a long time for the bus.

Keep in mind that public buses in Fez are «murdered». You haven’t seen such buses in major Russian cities for a long time. They are dilapidated, old, without air conditioning, and overcrowded. But colorful. It is recommended only for extreme economy or just for fun, when you really want to feel the local authenticity.

Fare: 4 dirham
Frequency: 30—60 minutes. Travel time: 30—40 minutes

City grand cab between the city and Fes airport

For 120 dirhams you can get a more comfortable ride in a grand cab: these are old big white Mercedes cars for 5—6 people, which in Morocco serve as commuter and intercity transportation. The grand cab will drive when it is full.

At the airport, look for them to stop right in front of the exit of the passenger terminal, and in the city at the train station and in large squares. Grand cabs cannot park wherever they want: they park in fixed parking lots. On the way from the airport, they will take you to the train station or to any gate in the medina.

Note: be sure to negotiate the price with the driver before boarding.

Price: 120 dirhams per person (12 €)
Frequency: when 5—6 people are recruited. Travel time: 20—30 minutes

Private cab or airport transfer to/from Fez airport

The most comfortable way to get there is a full cab, similar to a VIP shuttle by local standards. If your flight is at night, you have no other options. You can book a cab at the hotel. The cost depends either on the time of day or on the greed of the owner: in a bad cheap riad for a transfer from the airport late at night we were charged 20 €, and a good hotel organized us a trip in the afternoon in the opposite direction for 15 €. In both cases the cars were fairly new, in good condition, European brands, and the drivers were cheerful, polite and knew English.

Unlike grand cabs, you won’t have to look for their parking lot and wait for someone: the car will pick you up directly from your hotel and you’ll go without fellow travelers.

Price: 150—200 dirhams per car (15—20 €)
Travel time: ~20 minutes.

Note: if your hotel is located in the old city, whatever time you arrive in the city, ask your hosts to meet you at the gate of the medina. This is normal, everyone does it. Good riads will offer to do it themselves. First of all, at night in the medina is deserted and dangerous, especially for a tourist with suitcases. About safety in Morocco. Secondly, most riads don’t have full-fledged signs and signage, and even during the day you can search for it for hours. We stayed in 2 riads in Fez and both had no identifying signs.

Shuttle between Fes Sais Airport and the city of Fes

Shuttle in our usual sense, as a specially organized service directly from the airport to the city center, without intermediate stops, is absent in Fez.

There are no trains or electric trains to the airport either.

The road between the airport and the city is fresh, smooth, lit at night, and lined with palm trees along the edges. My advice: order a modern cab and enjoy the ride in an air-conditioned car, without strangers.

The road to the airport from Fez
The road to the airport from Fez