How to travel in Morocco by bus: budget travel around the country
Buses in Morocco

How to travel in Morocco by bus: budget travel around the country

There’s no better way to quickly immerse yourself in a country’s culture than by taking a local bus ride. In Morocco, this is about half true.

Bus services in Morocco are given to private companies, so prepare for some chaos. There is no uniform timetable or ticket booths, and the stations of different carriers may be in different parts of the city. It is believed that bus companies in Morocco are divided into two big groups: there are buses for locals, and there are buses for tourists. Which do you prefer to ride?

Two major companies are considered to be «tourist buses»: CTM and Supratours. They have decent bus stations, a large fleet of air-conditioned buses (many were once decommissioned in Spain: some still have Spanish logos and inscriptions), a good network of routes, and most importantly, they have websites where you can see current schedules and prices. If you are one of those travelers who plan everything in advance, then with 99% probability you will take these buses.

Note that CTM and Supratours sometimes have separate bus stations: tickets are sold there and buses depart from there. The photo shows two stations in different cities: a separate CTM station in Fez and a shared station in Chefchaouen.

STM station in Fez
STM station in Fez
Shefchaouen City Bus Station
Shefchaouen City Bus Station

CTM buses

You can buy a ticket from this bus company directly on the website (you have to exchange it for a regular ticket before boarding). The stations are often separate from the main city bus station.

If you are traveling with luggage, you must check it in at a separate counter before boarding, just like at the airport. You will be given a ticket, which you can then use to retrieve your suitcase.

STM website

Supratours buses

This company is owned by the country’s railroad pioneer, so Supratours bus stations are often located near the railway stations in the cities where they exist. There are fewer routes than STM, but the buses are a bit newer.

Supratours website

Other bus companies in Morocco

The second group of bus companies are «for locals» companies. Their buses are more worn and their prices are lower. Tickets are sold in the ways of the last century: at the station ticket office or through the efforts of a driver-announcer right before the flight. Actually, these carriers would be glad to carry not only locals, but also tourists, but for this they lack the smallest thing — a website where a traveler could see the schedule in advance. Perhaps these are not bad companies in fact, but because of this small inconvenience, tourists choose not them, but CTM and Supratours, which allow you to forecast your trip in advance.

Buses of small companies depart from the city’s main station, Gare Routier. There are hardly any single ticket offices: each carrier has its own representative at the station.

There is no single list of bus companies in Morocco. Different companies may operate in different regions of the country. I will add bus companies that I become aware of to this list. If you know of other bus companies in Morocco, please write to us.

This is what a small-carrier ticket office looks like at a city station
This is what a small-carrier ticket office looks like at a city station