Shefchaouen neighborhoods: where to stay for tourists
Shefchaouen: Where to stay

Shefchaouen neighborhoods: where to stay for tourists

Chefchaouen is one of those cities where most tourists come for a couple of hours: to run through the streets, find «that» street with bright flower pots on the blue walls, take selfies and move on.

Be wise: stay here overnight. Such towns are especially charming in the evening, when the day-trippers are gone. And in the morning, when the half-sleepy city slowly wakes up and the sun lazily creeps along the deserted streets, no one will stop you from wandering around the city in search of the best shots.

Shefchaouen neighborhoods

Chavan is divided into two parts: the compact old city in the center — the «blue city» — and the new city that surrounds the medina from above and below. 99.9% of hotels are located in the old city.

The Old Town can be roughly divided in half around the central square: to the west of it is the busier and more crowded part, with more commerce, while to the east is quieter, more deserted and less ornate.

The western part is more convenient for ordinary tourists. Here you’ll be closer to civilization, it’s lively and safe even in the evening, and it’s easier to get here by car. You will appreciate this if you come with luggage: the whole medina is stairs up and down, there is no transportation inside the old city, and if you are not a fan of lugging suitcases up and down hills, choose a hotel closer to the roads.

Best hotels in Chefchaouen

Budget and quiet: Hotel Dar Chefchaouen

We stayed at Hotel Dar Chefchaouen, a rather large hotel by Chavin’s standards, which had come to my attention several times in travelers' and bloggers' reviews when preparing the trip. Now I can recommend it wholeheartedly: the hotel is not flashy, but very good. In Morocco there is a high probability to make a mistake with the choice of a hotel: the photos are beautiful and the reviews are excellent, but in reality it may turn out to be a stinky hostel. Dar Chefchaouen will not disappoint: it is loved for the ratio of excellent quality and low price.

  1. All rooms have an indoor bathroom — that’s lucky in itself.
  2. Price per room: from 20 to 80 €.
  3. Golden staff that you can ask for anything you want.
  4. Breakfast is top notch. Moroccan flatbreads, honey, goat cheese, a few jams and a great nut paste.

On a dreary March evening, with pouring rain outside, a hotel employee brightened our endless hours in the room with mint tea and a plate of Moroccan desserts. Here you can ask for «where to eat in town» recommendations, or you can order tagine to your room. Half an hour and you’ll be fed. What distinguishes the staff here from other hotels is that they do everything so delicately and cordially that you won’t suspect them of self-interest for a second. It seems that the most they expect from you is a 1005000th positive review on bookings.

The location of the hotel is quite convenient: in a quiet alley, but five minutes on foot from the central square. But on Google, Booking and maps it is marked incorrectly: 2 minutes from the riad Dar Chefchaouen there is a store with the same name, that’s where the maps lead to. The correct location is on this map:

It is better to book in advance. Even in the low season, the hotel is packed to the brim. In summer, without a reservation you may not find a free room. Link to Dar Chefchaouen on Booking.

In the center: the Chez Hicham riad.

Nice hotel right on the central square with a good restaurant. We were taken there by a Dar Chefchaouen employee when we asked for a recommendation for a place to have dinner. It turned out to be not just a restaurant, but a restaurant attached to a very nice hotel. Competition? No, they don’t think about it in such a small town.

The interior of the riad provokes the desire to photograph every corner. The rooms are located on several floors and have access to a multi-level terrace. The better the room, the higher it is located, the more private and smaller the terrace. The most expensive rooftop suite has its own compact terrace and the best view of the square.

Chez Hicham riad
Chez Hicham riad
Chez Hicham Restaurant
Chez Hicham Restaurant
View from the restaurant terrace
View from the restaurant terrace
Another view from the terrace
Another view from the terrace

Rooms start from 65 €. For that money you can get a suite with two rooms, a terrace and a good breakfast. Link to Chez Hicham riad on Booking

The location of the hotel is the best: in the very center of the city, overlooking the fortress and the main square.