Moscow - Ljubljana: all ways to get there quickly and cheaply
How to get from Moscow to Ljubljana

Moscow - Ljubljana: all ways to get there quickly and cheaply

Ljubljana Airport is as small as everything in Slovenia. The choice of flights and carriers is also small, but Aeroflot flies to and from Moscow every day. This is the fastest, but not the cheapest option for traveling between Moscow and Ljubljana: getting to a neighboring airport is sometimes more profitable.

Direct flight Moscow — Ljubljana (Aeroflot)

Slovenia’s main airport is named Jožeta Pučnika and is located in the center of the country, 25 kilometers north of Ljubljana. The old name of the airport, Brnik, can still be found in some places.

In the fall of 2018, Aeroflot launched a direct flight Moscow-Ljubljana, before that the flights were operated only by Slovenian airline Adria. Aeroflot’s flight is almost half the price: about 120 €. The ticket includes a free piece of checked baggage.

From the airport you can reach by public transportation in 30 minutes and 5 €.

A direct flight is the easiest and fastest option to fly between Moscow and Ljubljana, but if you want to save money, you can look at large neighboring airports.

Cost: from 125 €
Total travel time: 4 hours, not counting the time at the airport. Flight duration: about 3.5 hours.

Ljubljana — Venice — Moscow

From Ljubljana to Venice (Italy) is almost 230 km, but there are two major airports: Marco Polo and Treviso.

There are frequent Flixbus buses between Venice and Ljubljana airports, the journey takes about 3 hours and the ticket costs 12—18 €.

Cost: from 90 €
Total travel time: 6 hours.

Venice Airports:

  • Venice Tre viso is the closest airport to Ljubljana with a wide range of low-cost airlines. The cheapest flight Treviso — Moscow is operated by Pobeda Airlines. The cost of the ticket is 70 €. You will have to pay extra for luggage.
  • Venice Marco Polo is the main airport of Venice. There are several airlines flying to Moscow, but almost all flights are connecting flights. The only direct flight and the most affordable is Ural Airlines, from 80 € with luggage. One problem: the flight is rare, not more than once a week.

Ljubljana — Bratislava — Moscow

From Bratislava Airport (Slovakia), there is a direct flight every day with Pobeda Airlines for 60 € (with hand luggage).

There is a Flixbus between Ljubljana and Bratislava for 25—30 €. The journey takes about 7 hours.

Cost: from 90 €
Total travel time: 9 hours.

Ljubljana — Budapest — Moscow

The cheapest low-cost low-coster — WisAir — flies from Moscow to Budapest (Hungary). The Budapest-Moscow flight lasts 2.5 hours and costs from 50 €.

The cheapest way to get from the airport to Ljubljana is the same Flixbus buses, with a ticket price of about 30 €. The journey will take about 6—7 hours.

Cost: from 80 €
Total travel time: 9 hours.

Other nearest airports to Ljubljana

Slovenia borders Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia with their major airports. Not far away are Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Serbia and the Czech Republic. Their airports are not as convenient if you need to get to Ljubljana as quickly as possible. But those who are not in a hurry take the opportunity to combine several countries in one trip.

The closest foreign airport to Ljubljana is Trieste. It is only an hour and a half drive from Ljubljana, and a bus ticket to Trieste costs no more than 9 €. The airport is small and there are few international flights, but sometimes you can find an inexpensive flight to Moscow with a connection in Rome or Milan.

The nearest major airports are Zagreb, Vienna, Bratislava, Salzburg, Munich, Verona and Milan. Most of them can be reached from Ljubljana in 5—6 hours and for no more than 30 €. Direct flights from Milan are operated by Pobeda for 70 € and from Verona by S7 for 115 €.

During the summer vacation season, you can consider the airports on the Croatian coast: Pula and Rijeka.

How do I get to neighboring airports?

  • Flixbus,
  • GoOpti shuttles,
  • Intercity buses from Ljubljana bus station,
  • By rail,
  • With the help of Prevoz, a popular ride-sharing service in Slovenia.