Girona: self-guided tour of "Game of Thrones" filming locations
"Game of Thrones" in Girona.

Girona: self-guided tour of "Game of Thrones" filming locations

Girona is an ancient Spanish city. Here the beds of four rivers intertwine and four cultures — Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Ancient Roman — have coexisted for centuries. The well-preserved historical buildings have become a movie set for several seasons of the TV series «Game of Thrones». Girona became the wealthy trading city of Braavos, and its streets became the setting for the movie.

Enterprising guides offer a personal tour of the filming locations for 70—100 euros. However, you can walk around Girona on your own and see the places where Game of Thrones was filmed in 2—3 hours.

Important: There are many stairs and cobblestones on the route, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes without heels.

Map of «Game of Thrones» filming locations in Girona

Bishop Cartaña Street (Carrer del Bisbe Josep Cartañà)

Scenes for the last episode of season 5 were filmed on this street. Bishop Cartagna Street was part of the city of Braavos. It was here that the blind Arya Stark begged for alms from passersby. It is now a popular pedestrian area for tourists. You can walk along the street at any time, but the least number of tourists before 9 am and after 8 pm.

How to get here: You can walk here from the center of Girona or take buses 207, 5, E2, L11. The nearest stops are Udg Les Aligues (walk 5 minutes, 300 meters) and C. Calderers (walk 5 minutes, 300 meters). Calderers (walk 7 minutes, 450 meters).

How much it costs: free of charge.

Opening hours: round the clock

Map of "Game of Thrones" filming locations in Girona
Map of «Game of Thrones» filming locations in Girona

Arab baths in Girona (Banys Àrabes)

Despite the name, the baths have Roman origins. It was the location of Arya Stark’s battle with the Waif in episode 8.

The rooms are cool and there is a small garden in Arabic style. The rooms are small, with several halls, each in an individual style. It takes 15—20 minutes to walk around the baths and the inner garden.

Because of the crowds of tourists in the halls of the bathhouse it is inconvenient to take pictures. But you can get interesting shots from the roof.

A visit to the garden is included in the ticket price.

How much it costs: 2 €.

Address: Carrer Ferran el Catòlic, s/n, 17004 Girona, Spain

Schedule: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Arab baths in Girona
Arab baths in Girona
Arabian baths from the outside
Arabian baths from the outside

Girona Cathedral (La Catedral de Gerona)

Perhaps the most interesting site on the route. The cathedral acted as Baylor’s sept. From here King Tommen and his wife greeted the crowds in season 6 of the series. There is nothing interesting inside, you don’t have to spend money to enter. But from the outside the cathedral looks very atmospheric. If not for the crowds of tourists with cameras, it would be easy to imagine yourself in a medieval city.

Girona: self-guided tour of "Game of Thrones" filming locations

La Catedral de Gerona in the afternoon.

Address: Plaça de la Catedral, s/n, 17004 Girona, Spain

How much it costs: entrance to the cathedral building 2,5 €, but you can only see the outside (free of charge).

We didn’t manage to take photos during the day without crowds of Chinese tourists. We came back in the evening and didn’t regret it! The illumination and absence of people make this place even more mystical and attractive.

La Catedral de Gerona at night.
La Catedral de Gerona at night.

The Monastery of St. Peter Galligants in Girona (El monasterio de Sant Pere de Galligants)

The Cloister played the role of the Citadel in the Old City. According to the story, Samwell Tarly came here to serve as Maester in season 6 of the series. The building was built in 922, and for a long time there was a monastery there.

Now on the territory of the monastery there is an archaeological museum. If you are not into history and archeology, it will be a bit boring. But in one of the monastery’s halls there is an exposition devoted to the Game of Thrones.

Entrance is free, but it costs 5 € to take a picture on the iron throne. For this money you will be given a cloak and sword, and a staff member will take a few shots on your phone or camera.

Iron Throne
Iron Throne
Props from the set of "Game of Thrones."
Props from the set of «Game of Thrones.»

Address: Carrer de Santa Llúcia, 8, 17007 Girona, Spain

Opening hours: from 10 to 19 hours

How much: photo on the throne 5 €, entrance to the museum building is free.

Plaça del Jurats (Plaza de Jurats Square)

The location participated in the filming of season 6. The place was a street theater, on the stage of which the play about the feud between the Stark and Lanister clans was played out.

The only reason to come here is to follow the trail of the TV series. Otherwise, there is nothing to do here. But during the Girona Flower Festival, the square is covered in flowers and it’s a great place for photo shoots. Entrance is free and it is open 24 hours a day.

Address: Plaça dels Jurats, 1, 17004 Girona, Spain.

Plaça dels Jurats
Plaça dels Jurats


The route can be done leisurely in 2—3 hours.

  • With a visit to the baths, the cathedral and a photo on the throne you will spend about 10 € per person.
  • If you don’t go into the museums, you’ll only spend 5 € on photos with the iron throne.

If you can do without museums and photos, the tour is free. The main thing is to choose good weather and comfortable shoes.

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