Bergamo Airport: how to get to Milan
Milan-Bergamo Airport: How to get there

Bergamo Airport: how to get to Milan

Bergamo Airport is popular among budget travelers flying to Milan. Orio al Serio is a hub for Ryanair, and Pobeda also flies here.

Bergamo Caravaggio Orio al Serio Airport (Aeroporto di Bergamo — Orio al Serio, code BGY) is located in the neighboring city of Bergamo. It is located 3 km from Bergamo, to the center of Milan — 45 km. It is the third airport of Milan, here most flights of low-cost companies land. You can get to the center of Milan directly from the airport by shuttle or cab. If you buy train tickets, you will first have to go to Bergamo station.

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Shuttle-bus Bergamo — Milan

Several bus companies operate from Bergamo Airport to Milano Centrale Railway Station: Autostradale, Orio Shuttle, Terravision, FlixBus. At the airport the stops are near the arrivals terminal, and in Milan shuttles depart from Piazza Luigi di Savoia near the train station. Travel time to Milan is about an hour. Each car company makes 3—4 trips per hour.

A shuttle ticket costs 5—7 €. Tickets can be purchased online or from the driver upon boarding; for departures from Milan, from a kiosk in the square or from the driver

  • Autostradale: the very first flight is at 07:15, the last one at 00:15
  • Terravision: first buses at 03:40, the latest flight is 00:45
  • Orio Shuttle: 05:00 a.m. to midnight.
  • Flixbus: from 5 a.m., last flight at 11:15 p.m.
Autostradale Shuttle Bus
Autostradale Shuttle Bus
Airport sign
Airport sign
Near the arrivals terminal at Bergamo Airport
Near the arrivals terminal at Bergamo Airport

Fly&Bus of Pobeda Airlines

The Russian airline Pobeda offers a single ticket and transfer to Milano Centrale. When buying a ticket on the airline’s website, you should select Milan (Central Station) at the point of arrival. The transfer is guaranteed even in case of flight delays.

  • At the airport, pick up your ticket at the Autostradale desk in the arrivals terminal. Buses leave from the stop on the right side of the terminal. They are marked with the AUTOSTRADALE logo.
  • In Milan, the bus stops at Piazza Luigi Savoia near the train station, marked AirportBusExpress. Tickets for Milan transfers are sent by e-mail and do not need to be printed.
Pobeda airline plane
Pobeda airline plane
View of the arrival terminal from the bus
View of the arrival terminal from the bus

Train Bergamo — Milan

To arrive in Milan by train, you must first take a bus to Bergamo Stazione di Bergamo station.

Airport-Bergamo bus

ATB buses run from the airport to Bergamo. The stop at the airport is near the arrivals terminal. In Bergamo, buses arrive at the Stazione Autolinee near the train station.

  • Tickets are €3 at the airport vending machines, €2.4 if purchased through the ATB app.
  • When traveling from Bergamo to the airport, tickets are purchased at the newspaper and tobacco kiosk on the platform.
  • Departures every 20 minutes.
  • It’s a 10—20 minute drive to the railroad station, depending on traffic.
  • Website.

Bergamo-Milan train

From Stazione di Bergamo railway station in Milan, trains depart to Milano Centrale, Porta Garibaldi and Rogoredo stations.

  • The ticket is €5.5.
  • Trains run from 5am every half hour, with the last train at 23:00.
  • It’s about an hour away.
  • Schedule and Tickets.
Stations en route are shown on the scoreboard
Stations en route are shown on the scoreboard
On the bus platform in Bergamo
On the bus platform in Bergamo

Cab Bergamo Airport — Milan

The cab rank is located next to the arrival terminal in the parking lot. From the airport to the center of Milan, a cab will cost from 85 €.

You can book a transfer in advance — a driver with a nameplate will meet you at the arrival terminal. Pay by card online or in cash. The cost of the trip is fixed, from 88 €, depending on the category of trip.

At Bergamo airport
At Bergamo airport

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Milan from Bergamo Airport is by bus shuttle — an hour’s journey and only 6 €. A private cab driver will pick you up after arrival and take you to the city in comfort; it is advantageous to book a cab for several passengers.