All ways to get to Obidos from Lisbon
Lisbon - Obidos: how to get there on your own

All ways to get to Obidos from Lisbon

If you want to wander through picturesque narrow streets, see traditionally painted white houses and a majestic castle, then go to the real Middle Ages. The ancient fairytale town of Obidos is located in the Leiria district of Portugal.

For a day trip it is more convenient to come from Lisbon. The transportation schedule allows you to explore the city in a measured way and return to the capital on the same day.

The city is located on the highway running from Lisbon to Porto. The distance from the capital is 84 km and from Porto 240 km.

Let me tell you how to get to Obidos from Lisbon.

Map of train stations and bus stops in Obidos and Lisbon

By bus

The best way to get there is by bus flight No. 788 from Lisbon. There is no number on the bus, but there is usually a sign with the name of the final station and a timetable at the stop. The route is called Rodoviariado Tejo’s Rápida Verde and goes to Caldas da Rainha. Obidos is the penultimate stop.

8 €
Bus ticket from Lisbon to Obidos, timetable on Rodotejo website.

The small Portuguese town of Caldas da Rainha is a 20 minute drive from Obidos and is known for producing unusual colorful ceramics. I recommend extending your trip and visiting two towns at once.

  • The bus from Lisbon leaves from Campo Grande station, which is a green metro line. The stop is in front of the green building at Rua Actor Antonio Silva 7. Don’t look for a separate bus station building — the station combines several bus platforms around the metro.
  • In Obidos, the Rua da Praça bus stop is located near the fortress walls.

The drive to Obidos will take approximately one hour. Tickets are sold by the driver. There is wi-fi and a toilet.

Bus services depart every hour, with fewer services on weekends.

By train

Obidos can be reached by train, but this is not the best option. The regional rail trains make many stops, so the duration of the journey increases to 2—3 hours. Tickets are sold at ticket offices at train stations or online at the railroads website. There are 7 trips per day.

9—10,5 €
Train ticket from Lisbon to Obidos. Timetable: Comboios De Portugal.
  • The train in Lisbon departs from Santa Apolonia station.
  • Obidos Station is located between Lisbon and Caldas da Rainha. The station is beautiful, old, decorated with azulejo elements. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from Obidos Station to the fortress.
Azuleju at the Obidosha train station
Azuleju at the Obidosha train station
Obidos train station
Obidos train station
Regional train
Regional train
On the train
On the train

By car

Portugal has excellent roads and car rental service. At Rental Cars you can rent a car for 15 € per day.

The drive to Obidos from Lisbon takes an hour. Take the A8 autobahn, exit 15 leads to the south of the city to the fortress wall.

You can leave your car in the free parking lot by the aqueduct or in the paid parking lot by the fortress walls.

If you come to the city by car, don’t stop just to see Obidos. You can also visit Peniche, a city on the Atlantic Ocean, and the gorgeous Bacalhoa Buddha Eden.

Entering the city
Entering the city
The parking lot by the aqueduct
The parking lot by the aqueduct
The road to Obidos
The road to Obidos

With a tour from Lisbon

If you don’t want to travel by public transport, go to Obidos with an organized tour. In addition to the castle and the ancient settlement, you will see other fascinating towns and sights on the tour.

Day trip from Lisbon through Fatima, Batalha, Nazare and Obidos in English or Portuguese — 60 € per person.

Five-hour tour of Obidos in English or Portuguese — 35 per person.

Car trip with Russian-speaking guide on the route Obidos — Alcobaça — Batalha — Fatima — 90 per person.

When traveling in Portugal, don’t miss a corner of the Middle Ages. Come to Obidos, walk the walls of the fortress, taste the cherry liqueur ginja and learn about the country’s historical past.

Obidusha Castle
Obidusha Castle

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