How to rent a bike in Cyprus: peculiarities and personal experience
How to rent a bike in Cyprus

How to rent a bike in Cyprus: peculiarities and personal experience

Renting transportation on vacation is freedom: you decide where, when and for how long to go. That’s what we did in Cyprus.

The roads on the island are good and free, the traffic is measured, there are no traffic jams. In the historic area there are paving stones on narrow streets and asphalt and unpaved roads on the mountain serpentine.

I will tell you how to rent a bike, how much it costs and what you need to be aware of on the roads of the island of Cyprus.

Where to rent a bike in Cyprus

Transportation rental prices in Cyprus are lower than in mainland Europe. You can rent transportation online, at the counter at the airport or at a local firm near your hotel. The rule is the earlier you book, the lower the prices and wider the choice. The most expensive option will be to rent a bike through tourist guides at the hotel — the extra cost will be 20—30% to the base prices.

You need to book transportation in Cyprus in advance if:

  1. You plan to vacation during the «high season»: from late May to late September.
  2. You need a narrow mode of transportation, such as a motorcycle. There are few such vehicles on the island.

The most convenient and economical way to rent is to book online. I use aggregators or the official websites of rental companies for this purpose.

International car rental aggregators

Aggregators are websites with offers from several rental companies and the ability to book a suitable option immediately.

Such sites save time when searching for information. International aggregators cooperate with official companies — there is no risk of getting in touch with a dubious company. Aggregators have strict requirements for rental companies, so they do not always have local rental companies, whose rental prices may be lower.

Such sites feature all the international rental companies that operate in Cyprus and some of the larger Cypriot firms.

I recommend BikesBooking, a well-known international aggregator with a Russian interface, for renting motorcycles in Cyprus. It works with 942 companies in 70 countries. I like the fact that there is free cancellation for 2 days and real reviews from travelers.

Price depends on city, model and rental period. A wide range of models from a simple Honda to a cool Harley-Davidson — all on one site.

Important: the credit card must be in the name of the rental driver. The deposit depends on the terms and conditions of the rental company and is fixed on the card.

40 €
Minimum cost of bike rental in Cyprus

Rental companies in Cyprus

In addition to aggregators, you can also rent a vehicle from a classic rental company. There are plenty of them in Cyprus. Most rental company websites do not have a Russian interface, but an English version is always available. Their prices are 5—10% lower compared to international aggregators.

Major rental offices in Cyprus:

  1. Easy Riders
  3. Rainbow
  4. Prot R Us
  5. Cosky Motorbikes

Among local firms, ANEMAYIA has the widest range of models and the lowest prices.

There are still small rental companies, but most of the lower ones only accept cash payment, and the quality of service and motorcycle equipment may not be very high.

Roads of Cyprus
Roads of Cyprus

Terms and conditions for renting a bike in Cyprus

Competition among rental companies in Cyprus is strong, so some companies may advertise low prices and not disclose additional services until the rental contract is signed. When choosing a motorcycle and a rental company, pay attention:

  1. Whether insurance is included in the rental price, what is the amount of coverage in case of damage to the equipment and whether there is a deductible — the minimum fee paid by the customer
  2. Whether you are allowed to rent the bike at another location or only at the rental location.
  3. What fuel conditions the company imposes. Most rental companies ask you to hand over the equipment with the same amount of gasoline as when you receive it, otherwise they may deduct the cost from the deposit. Usually, fuel «bought» from a rental company is more expensive than at a gas station.

People over 21 years of age can rent a motorcycle on the island, and in some rentals from 25 years of age. A minimum of 3 years of official experience is required.

The driver must have it with him:

  1. Driving license of category «A» or «B». Both old and new licenses are suitable, valid for 1 year or more. International license is not required in Cyprus.
  2. A credit card in the driver’s name with a sufficient deposit limit.
  3. Credit or debit card or cash for rent.

If you do not fit these conditions, trying to negotiate with the employees of rental companies usually does not lead to anything — Cyprus is part of the EU, the laws on the island are enforced, and employees of rental companies will not risk and circumvent the rules.

Asphalt in Cyprus is of decent quality
Asphalt in Cyprus is of decent quality


Gasoline prices in Cyprus are quite stable: 95th — 1,2 €/liter, 98th — 1,3 €/liter.

We have noticed that fuel can be slightly more expensive at gas stations on highways than in populated areas.

Traffic rules and fines in Cyprus

Traffic on the island’s roads is measured and calm. What you need to know about traffic rules in Cyprus:

  1. The island has left-handed traffic.
  2. The maximum speed in populated areas is 50 km/h, on the highway — 80 km/h, on highways — 100 km/h. On highways, the minimum speed threshold is 65 km/h.
  3. Turning right when the traffic light is green is permitted even after the arrow that indicates the turn has gone out.
  4. License plates come in 3 colors: white, yellow and red. Rental vehicles are marked with red license plates to «warn» the general flow about the tourist behind the wheel. The locals are sympathetic to such drivers and do not honk their horns, but quietly go around.

Anti-radar and navigators that alert you to speed cameras are strictly forbidden on the island. Motorcycles must be driven with a rental helmet, which is included in the price of the bike, and sunglasses — the sun in Cyprus is bright and it is dangerous to ride without them.

In case of traffic violations, the driver is fined and the vehicle may be confiscated and returned to the rental company. Serious violations are dealt with in court and can result not only in a fine, but also in arrest or future visa problems.

Riding motorized vehicles is prohibited on the island:

  • Riding without a helmet.
  • Speeding.
  • Drunk driving.
  • Throwing trash onto the road.
  • Driving on the expressway.

Navigation in Cyprus

All roads in Cyprus are free of charge. Coverage is good: asphalt on the main roads, smooth dirt in the mountains, paving stones in the historical area.

On the island, it is rare to use exact addresses to determine a destination. If you give an address to a local cab driver, he will ask where it is. Cypriots use geo-referencing: directions towards Protaras or Paphos, near a certain store, etc.

I recommend using a navigator. Convenient Russian-language navigation apps in Cyprus: and 2gis.

  • It has a good knowledge of the Cypriot terrain, has a convenient search for roads on the island. The disadvantages are the narrow range of places stored in the database.
  • 2gis. The search base of the island’s establishments is wider, but the route guidance is worse. The app builds a route, but does not guide you along it. The current location is indicated by an arrow that moves along with you.

In Cyprus, it is better to use both navigators: find an establishment in 2gis and navigate towards it using The navigators are free, you just need to download them.

Priming in Cyprus
Priming in Cyprus

Personal experience

We rented a motorcycle — we wanted to ride an open vehicle and explore the island at a decent speed. The criterion was the cost of the rental.

We contacted ANEMAYIA rental. The range of equipment is wide, and the prices are quite affordable among competitors. The bike is available for a minimum of 2 days. We rented a Honda XR250 Baja for 3 days for 45 €/day.

I recommend checking with the company to see if there are any special offers and promotions for customers. We were lucky: when renting a motorcycle for 3 days or more, the fourth day was free of charge.

The deposit amounted to 100 €. The rental process was almost trouble-free. I recommend to inspect the equipment carefully, as we had a slightly broken headlight.

The office has a good selection of helmets in different sizes, and mine even happened to have a GoPro mount.

Driving around the island is a pleasure. It takes a few hours to get used to the left-hand traffic, and then it ceases to surprise you.

I recommend keeping an eye on the fuel in the tank. On the third day of the trip, the bike started to stall, although the readings were not minimal yet. We were traveling a long way — to Cape Greco — and had a hard time making it to the gas station. Our previous motorcycle driving experience had been very little, and we were not prepared for the fact that «low fuel» for such a machine is like no fuel at all.

These are the kind of views you get when you don
These are the kind of views you get when you don’t depend on buses

Hiring a bike or car in Cyprus is a great idea. Public transportation on the island is buses, and they don’t always run on schedule. Cabs cost 2—3 € within a settlement, and excursions, in addition to the impressive price, limit the ability to choose your own route.

Motorcycle hire in Cyprus allow you to see more sights and feel at one with nature, as you won’t be locked in a car.

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