How to use Vilnius public transportation: buses and trolleybuses
Vilnius public transportation

How to use Vilnius public transportation: buses and trolleybuses

In Vilnius, many of the sights are outside the center, so public transportation helps. In my opinion, it is the easiest and most inexpensive in Europe. I will tell you everything you need to know about the available modes of transportation, the intricacies of buying tickets and how to plan your route.

Types of tickets and fare

All transportation in Vilnius is based on a single ticket. It does not matter whether the trip is from the airport to the main station, from the center to remote areas or to a large shopping center.

If you plan to travel around Vilnius by public transport, it is better to buy a «Vilnius citizen’s card» (Vilniečio kortelė). I use it when I stay for a week. The card costs 1.5 €, is valid for 4 years from the moment of activation and is designed to pay by time.


  • 30 minutes — 0,65 €
  • 60 minutes — 0,90 €.

There is no limit to the number of transfers during the selected time.

Conductors in Vilnius transportation are more loyal than, for example, in Warsaw. If the ticket is for 30 minutes and 35—40 minutes have passed since the composting, they will be understanding. In the center there is a dedicated lane, but in remote areas not always. The traffic jam is not the passenger’s fault, but it’s best not to abuse it. 10 minutes can be forgiven, more than that is a fine. Admission of guilt — 17 €. Tried to argue but failed? The fine goes up to 29 €.

If you have a long trip with no connections, it is better to buy a one-trip ticket for 1 € from the driver. The driver strictly accepts 0.50—2 € coins or a 5 € bill.

Single ticket for one trip
Single ticket for one trip

Vilniečio kortelė acts as a travel pass:

  • 1 day — 5 €
  • 3 days — 8 €
  • 5 days — 12 €
  • 10 days — 15 €.

The pass is activated, like a temporary ticket, via a validator on public transportation.

Discounts on Vilnius transport fares

Pensioners and students (with an ISIC card) can count on a 50% discount. It applies to all types of tickets and passes. Children up to 7 years old can travel on Vilnius public transport free of charge.

Where to buy a ticket and how to use it?

Vilniečio kortelė is sold at Lietuvos spauda, at the cash desk of Maxima and Narvesen stores, and at the main office of the transportation company at 9A Gediminas Avenue. You can refill the card at the cashier.

E-tickets are activated by applying them to the validator at the entrance to public transport. Before exiting, it must be attached again to mark the end of the trip.

The €1 ticket is passed through a special composter that prints the date and start of the ride, then hands the ticket back.

Validator for electronic ticket
Validator for electronic ticket

How do you figure out the routes?

To get from point A to point B, you can use the map of all stops and the optimal route planner. All you need to do is select the stop closest to you and the stop next to your arrival address.

The scheduler will display several options, arrival time and travel time, type of public transportation and its number. You can select a bus that has Wi-Fi and USB. You can see online where the transportation is moving.

There are two information boards at bus stops in Vilnius. One of them shows the type of transportation and number. The other has information about the flight number and arrival time, air conditioning, wi-fi and entrance for people with disabilities.

Information at bus stops
Information at bus stops

The main public transportation station is located at the train and bus station. Transportation from other countries or from the airport arrives here. The bus station is a large square with 10 stops! This diagram will help you orientate where the bus or trolleybus starts from. You can buy tickets at stops B and K.

Scheme of public transportation stops near the station
Scheme of public transportation stops near the station

Public transportation

Vilnius does not have the same variety of transportation as Warsaw and Prague. There are buses and trolleybuses. In 2013, shuttle buses were canceled. The peculiarities of the urban relief do not allow building tramways or subways. However, transportation runs around the clock.

Buses and express buses

There are three types of buses in Vilnius — regular and express. Regular buses run every day from 5:00 to 0:00 and make frequent stops. In the timetable they are marked from 1 to 116.

Vilnius express buses help you save time by stopping only at major stops. Some buses are adapted for bicycles, so you don’t have to pay extra for them. These buses are marked with numbers from 1 to 6 and the letter G.

Two types of buses run at night. Route N88 (Airport-Europe Square-Airport) starts at 22:30 and ends at 5:25. Routes N101-105 run in Vilnius from 22:30 until 3:30. The schedule is available on the scheduler.

Vilnius buses
Vilnius buses


Trolleybuses run through the whole city and deliver to remote areas. There are a total of 21 routes in operation. The first trips leave at 5:30 and the last ones at about 23:50. Both old and new models run in Vilnius. The new ones have wi-fi and air conditioning.

Vilnius trolleybuses
Vilnius trolleybuses

Vilnius tourist transportation

In summer, water transportation runs along Nyaris. It is not as convenient and inexpensive as the river streetcars in Prague, but what tourist doesn’t want to take a boat ride?

All river transport stands at the quay next to the King Mindaugas Bridge (Karaliaus Mindaugo tiltas). The most popular boats are from the BARTA company.

  • Hours of operation are May through September from 10:00—19:00.
  • Ticket price: adult — 12 €, children (5—15 years old) — 6 €, children under 5 years old free of charge.
  • Duration: 1 hour.

In winter, a Christmas steam train runs through the center of Vilnius from December 14 to January 7 or sometimes January 9. The two-car train has 56 heated seats and plays Christmas music in the car.

The train makes 2 stops along the way: from the Cathedral through Gedimin Avenue and Town Hall Square, then to Lukis Square. This route passes near the holiday trees and Christmas fair, ending at the skating rink.

  • Opening hours: Fri.-Thurs. from 12:00 to 21:00, Fri.-Fri. 11:00—22:00.
  • Ticket price: 2 €, children under 7 years old are free if they sit on their parents' laps.
  • Duration: 50—60 minutes.

See Vilnius from the windows of the Hop-on hop-off bus. This opportunity is offered by two companies: Vilnius City tour and Valandele. Transportation picks up tourists at stops every 20 minutes. The cost starts from 11 € and the time is 1.5 hours. There is an audio guide and free Wi-Fi inside.

What to see on public transportation?

Vilnius is beautiful from a bird’s eye view. Some of the observation platforms are located in the city center, and the rest can be quickly reached by public transport.

I advise my friends to get acquainted with different districts of Vilnius, for example, bohemian Antakalnis and cozy Žvėrinas, as well as Rasu and Paupė. Everywhere there are sights that are not written about in the guidebooks. By public transport you can get to any neighborhood in 10—15 minutes.

This is what the ancient palaces and villas of Antakalnis look like, but few people know about them.

There are several large shopping centers in Vilnius: Akropolis, Ozas and Outlet Park. I prefer Akropolis. It is the largest shopping center. But it is far from the center, so I get there by public transport (bus #53 from the bus station). From the hill on which the shopping center is located, there is a great view of the city.

Vilnius public transportation can be used to get to know the city better. Buses and trolleybuses provide quick and easy access to interesting places, sightseeing spots and shopping centers.