What to bring from Lithuania and Vilnius: edible and useful souvenirs
Souvenirs from Lithuania

What to bring from Lithuania and Vilnius: edible and useful souvenirs

What to bring from Lithuania? Nice little things with local symbols, gastronomic delights and locally produced goods that you can’t buy anywhere else. To remember your trip, you can buy a magnet or a key chain with the image of the main symbol — Gedimin’s Tower. I will tell you what else you should bring from Vilnius, where to buy it and how to smuggle it without causing questions at customs.

Amber from Lithuania

The most recognizable symbol of Lithuania is amber. It can be found in souvenir shops in Warsaw and Riga, but only in Lithuania is this mineral treated so reverently. The word «gintaras» (amber in Lithuanian) and «amber» (in English) is present almost everywhere: in the names of products and alcohol, hotels, festivals, and names.

Amber has been mined in Lithuania since the Neolithic period in Palanga and Juodkranta. It was used to make jewelry and household items. Amber dust was used as an offering to the gods. In the XIX century the reserves dried up and mining was stopped. Now 95% of amber is supplied to Lithuania from Kaliningrad, the rest from Poland and Ukraine. There is a processing plant in Lithuania, which makes the same small masterpieces as hundreds of years ago. Unique specimens are kept in museums — in the Tyshkevici Manor in Palanga and the Amber Museum in Neringa.

Vilnius souvenir shops sell amber jewelry and ornaments, paintings, figurines, and small things. All of them are of various colors and shapes. The natural mineral does not smell at all, but when heated it smells like pine needles. Amber cannot be scratched, it does not react to acetone. Everything else is fake.

Lithuanian amber jewelry
Lithuanian amber jewelry

Lithuanian flax

In Lithuania, real masterpieces are created from linen. There are several stores in the center where you can buy clothes, accessories, home textiles, shoes and toys. I was particularly impressed by cushions, towels and backpacks with paintings of the world’s collection of masterpieces — Klimt, Van Gogh and other masters — on their surface.

Linen fabric is highly prized:

  • allows the skin to breathe;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • has an antistatic effect.

In Lithuania you realize that linen is not boring at all. Clothes made of linen are worn by local girls. Stylish and beautiful dresses, skirts, sweaters in various shades slim and look airy.

Flax has been grown in Lithuania for four centuries. It is also home to Europe’s only factory producing the material. Fabric and products made of linen are highly valued outside the country: people from neighboring countries come to Vilnius for shopping from Denmark, Germany and France.

Linen store
Linen store
Multicolored linen scarves in Vilnius
Multicolored linen scarves in Vilnius

Cosmetics from Lithuania

Lithuania has its own production of cosmetics made of natural ingredients. You can buy BIOK laboratorija products on the shelves of Maxima and Iki stores and Drogas cosmetics store.

The company has several lines of business:

  • Eco Denta — products made from natural resources for oral care;
  • Margarita — skin, body or hair care products for men and women;
  • /kili-g/ is a youth line of grooming products for women and men.

I recommend trying Margarita and /kili-g/ cosmetics. Lithuania has high standards of ecology and naturalness of cosmetics. The locals choose BIOK over the advertised brands. «Margarita» has been produced for decades from natural ingredients, when the eco-cosmetics Weleda, Levrana and Laboratorium have not yet heard of. The secret of the low price is the simplest possible composition and local components. These cosmetics can be compared to Russian Natura Siberika or Planeta Organika.

Margarita cosmetics
Margarita cosmetics
Cosmetics /kili-g/
Cosmetics /kili-g/

Souvenirs from the Republic of Užupis

All of Lithuania’s cutest and most inexpensive souvenirs can be found in the Republic of Užupis. At the entrance there are several galleries selling handmade items: postcards with cats and angels, signs with a hand and the inscription Už, toys, angels, clothes.

The angel with a trumpet is a symbol of Užupis. It will definitely remind you of your trip to Lithuania. Inexpensive postcards (1.5 €/piece) are created right in the store. Discounts are available for 3 and 5 postcards.

Uzhupis toy
Uzhupis toy

Products and edible souvenirs from Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country with its own production of meat, flour, dairy products and sweets. The quality of products is monitored. It is a paradise for gastronomic tourism. Cafes offer tasty and juicy traditional cuisine, and stores offer products that are not ashamed to bring as gifts.

Cake shakotis

Shakotis is a visiting card of Lithuania and an obligatory decoration of Lithuanian weddings and festivals. Since the 16th century, the cake was prepared only for special occasions. A lot of eggs and flour were used for cooking, which made the cake expensive in those times. The egg dough was spun on a spit. Gradually, some of the dough would drip off and solidify, forming icicles.

Shakotis are sold in Iki and Maxima hypermarkets: classic or with chocolate, poppy seeds, coconut shavings. The sizes vary from 100 grams to 1 kg. A small shakotis in a cardboard package is easy to transport. It will fit into a bag, and its branches will remain intact. Shelf life — up to six months.

The little chacotis at Maxima
The little chacotis at Maxima


There are only two companies producing chocolate in Lithuania, but it is chocolate that can compete with Belgian chocolate. Russian tourists still take home Pergalė and Rūta products — there are no sanctions on chocolate.

Pergale can also be found in Russia, but not the entire range. For example, milk chocolate with lavender or black chocolate with beet are sold only in Lithuania. In Maxima or Iki you can find gift sets of sweets in presentable packaging — ideal for a present. The stores sell chocolates with and without Lithuanian symbols.

Rūta produces chocolate with high cocoa content and the most unusual composition: orange slices and sponge, hemp and strawberry, cherry and pumpkin seeds, quinoa and raspberry, bars with rose petals or pollen. Sweets with the inscription Lietuva are popular. Rūta products are not sold in Russia.

Pergale candy
Pergale candy
Chocolate Rūta
Chocolate Rūta

Lithuanian cheese

Dairy products are the pride of Lithuania, and cheese is no exception. I first came to the country 15 years ago and tasted cheese with cheese flavor for the first time, and since then its quality has not changed. This rich flavor is achieved by heating the milk mixture twice. The result is a nice creaminess and a thick consistency.

Three brands in Lithuania produce cheese: Džiugas (Džiugas), Rokiškio (Rokiškio), Svalia (Svalia). I like Džiugas: it is made according to Parmesan technology and has the same aging periods: 12, 24 and 36 months — but its flavor is softer and creamier. A wide range of cheese varieties can be bought in stores or tasted at the Dom Džiugas cafe. The menu includes products of different maturities, cheese cakes, tea, coffee and wine.

Lithuanian cheese should be bought only in its original packaging and not opened before crossing the border. The weight limit is 5 kg.

House of cheese "DŽIUGAS"
House of cheese «DŽIUGAS»

Alcohol in Lithuania

Lithuania produces tinctures, liqueurs and beer. Recently, a dessert wine made of berries has been introduced. Lithuanian strong drinks are loved for their original flavor, low cost and interesting history.


The most popular alcoholic drink in Lithuania is «999». Its recipe appeared in the XIV century. It consisted of 27 ingredients: 9 from the underworld, 9 from the earthly world and 9 from the heavenly world. The tincture was placed in a barrel, then covered with wax, buried in the ground for three years, three months and three days. The result was a 35-degree medicinal drink.

The first recipe has been lost, the composition has been changed several times. Now, in addition to the classic recipe, citrus, spicy and minty drinks are available. The Stumbras company is constantly adding to its collection. They also produce Starka vodka with different fillings and Midaus Nectaras honey liqueur.

Tincture "999"
Tincture «999»

Lithuanian beer

In terms of taste or quality, Lithuanian beer is not inferior to Czech or Polish beer. This is due to the fact that the local water is soft and pure — similar in composition to that extracted from wells in the Czech city of Plzen, where Pilsner Urquell is made.

Švyturys and Utenos breweries (they have recently merged and joined the Carlsberg holding) make beer only from natural ingredients. There is a wide range of varieties on sale. Even if you can’t take the beer home, it’s worth trying it on the spot.

No more than 3 liters of alcohol per person can be transported from Lithuania to Russia.

Utenos beer
Utenos beer

This is my list of gifts I bring back from Lithuania after every trip. My friends are especially enthusiastic about food and drinks. Lithuania is a small country that maintains high quality products but produces almost nothing for export.