How to use public transportation in Prague: metro, buses, streetcars, ferries
Public transportation in Prague

How to use public transportation in Prague: metro, buses, streetcars, ferries

Prague has an excellent public transportation system. By bus, streetcar or ferry you can see the city, and by metro you can quickly get from the center to remote areas and back. Transportation runs even at night. I will help you understand the routes, tell you where and how to buy tickets.

Tickets and passes

All public transportation belongs to Prazske Integrovane Dopravy (PID). This means that the ticket is a single ticket. It is valid for metro, bus and ferry travel. As long as the pass is valid, you can change from one transport to another without having to buy a new ticket.

The advantages of a single travel pass in Prague are extensive:

  • you can get from the airport to the city by bus on a 90-minute ticket;
  • you can stay in a remote area and not have to worry about an overnight trip;
  • the pass is suitable for the cable car that takes you to Petřín Hill;
  • tickets are valid for water transportation to popular attractions.

The ticket is time-based. The price depends on this. To validate the ticket, it must be validated. A fare evasion is punishable by an impressive fine of CZK 800. It is better not to save money and activate the ticket.

At 6 a.m., streetcars are already running through the city
At 6 a.m., streetcars are already running through the city

Validity time and cost:

  • 30 minutes — CZK 24;
  • 90 minutes — 32 CZK;
  • 1 day — 110 CZK;
  • 3 days — 310 CZK.

Tickets from bus or streetcar drivers are more expensive: CZK 40 for adults, CZK 20 for children for 90 minutes.

I came for one day, stayed near the center — in the Vinohrady district. It is convenient to get there by metro during the day and by ground transportation at night. I bought a day ticket for the trip. I took the funicular up to Petřín Hill, took a ferry ride and returned to the airport.

How do I buy a ticket?

Tickets are sold at various locations around the city. You can check the nearest places on the map. There are yellow-colored machines at public stops, metro stations, train stations, and the airport. They accept coins only (paper money and cards are not accepted). To buy a pass, just choose the appropriate fare and pay.

All routes and transportation directions in Prague
All routes and transportation directions in Prague

Where else can you buy a ticket:

  • at the information centers;
  • at the cashiers in the subway or at the train station;
  • at kiosks labeled Trafiky, Jizdenky or Fahrkarten.

To activate a single ticket, you must insert it into the composter with the forward arrow. The date and time will appear on the surface. You must keep it with you for the entire journey.

Types of transportation

Regardless of the time of day, you can get around Prague by different modes of transportation. You can take the metro to the suburbs, buses and streetcars to the center. Tourists will be entertained by water cabs, ferries or funiculars.


The most popular and developed transportation in Prague. Buses run around the clock. They run around the center, go to different parts of the city and between remote areas. Daytime routes are numbered from 100 to 299, nighttime routes are 901—915.

Daytime transportation runs from 4:45 to 0:15, nighttime transportation runs from 23:00 to 4:30. The interval depends on the time of day. In the daytime the break between buses is 5—10 minutes, in the evening 10—15, at night 10—30.

The only disadvantage is that this transport is forbidden in the historic center. It is easier to get to the sights of the Old or New Town by metro.


Probably the most convenient transportation in Prague. Streetcars run around the clock, do not stand in traffic jams, look authentic (Tatra) and modern (Škoda). You can get a better view of the city, its historical center, and outlying areas.

There are two types of streetcars in Prague:

  • Tatra — old transport with high seating capacity runs in the city center;
  • Škoda — modern air-conditioned cars with comfortable lifts for the disabled.

The first streetcar departs at 5:00 and continues until 0:00. Night transportation runs from 23:00 until 4:30. It is convenient if you want to get acquainted with Prague at night.

Detailed diagram of streetcar routes in Prague
Detailed diagram of streetcar routes in Prague

The old streetcar No. 91 runs through the center of Prague. It consists of two cars. Inside there is a conductor in a historical uniform and benches made of wood. The first such transportation started in 1920.

The retro streetcar runs from 12:00 to 17:00. Departs every hour. The route starts at Vozovna Střešovice, goes through the center and ends at Výstaviště.

The cost of a ride on the retro streetcar: 35 CZK adult ticket and 20 CZK children’s ticket. In this transportation, the ticket is not time-based and is valid for one trip only.


Prague has three metro lines: A (green), B (yellow), C (red). They are available from 5:00 to 0:00. On holidays, the work is extended until 1:00. During the day, trains run with an interval of 2—4 minutes, in the evening 7—10 minutes.

The subway runs throughout the whole of Prague. Stations are located in the historical center and on the outskirts. Prague Castle (Malostranská station), the Old Town district (Staroměstská station), the railway station (Hlavní nádraží) and the bus station (Florenc station) can be reached in 15 minutes.

Prague metro map
Prague metro map


The funicular takes you to the highest hill in Prague — Petřín — to a whole range of attractions. This transportation is covered by a regular ticket. You can buy it in advance or on the spot. The ticket office is located at the entrance to the cable car.

The funicular operates all year round from 9:00 to 23:00. Transportation runs every 10 minutes. The route starts at the foot of the hill — from the Ujezd station. The car stops at the Nebozizek station (there is a restaurant here) and at the Petřín final station.

Water transportation

There are two types of transportation on water in Prague — ferry, cab. Water cab does not belong to the unified system. The ticket is paid separately. For an adult one way is 190 CZK, both ways 290 CZK. Children’s tickets are CZK 140 and CZK 190 respectively.

The water cab departs from the Rašínovo nábřeží pier and stops at several places: Chekhov Bridge, Prague Zoo and Troja Castle. There are three trips a day: 9:00, 12:00 and 15:30.

The ferry is part of the unified public transportation system. You can pay for this transportation with a regular ticket. There are six routes: P1, P2 all year round, P3, P5, P6 and P7 between April and October.

The water ferry is an original way to get to know the city for little money. Transportation starts at 5:30 am and ends at 22:00. The break between departures is 30 minutes.

Prague Ferry Scheme
Prague Ferry Scheme

To understand how to navigate any mode of transportation, calculate time and the best route, you can use a planner.