Orly airport: how to get to the center of Paris
Paris - Orly: how to get to and from the airport

Orly airport: how to get to the center of Paris

L’aeroport de Paris-Orly (ORY) is the second largest airport in France, located just 14 km from Paris. From here you can quickly reach the main attractions of Paris, including Disneyland, by public transportation and cab.

ORY is divided into two terminals: Western (Ouest, or O) and Southern (Sud, or S). The Western terminal has terminals 1 and 2, while the Southern terminal includes terminal 4. Special free Orlyval shuttles run between them every 10 minutes.

Orly Airport Terminal Diagram
Orly Airport Terminal Diagram

Tramway T7.

Streetcar No. 7 is slow due to the many stops, but it is a budget transportation option. It is more popular with locals than tourists. The streetcar goes to Villejuif-Louis Aragon, which is the last station of the 7th metro line. To get to the center of Paris, you can continue on buses with the same ticket (Ticket t+ is valid for 1.5 hours for ground transportation) or go down to the metro with a new ticket. You can plan your route here.

Tickets are sold at special terminals and public transportation kiosks (RATP). The RATP kiosk is located at Gate G in Orly South. It sells public transportation tickets and Navjgo passes. One of the ticketing terminals is located right at the streetcar stop.

Be careful, the streetcar driver, unlike bus drivers, does not sell tickets! The fine for a fare evasion is 50 €, and controllers are very common. When you enter, don’t forget to validate your ticket in the special device on the handrail.

  • In Orly, the streetcar stops at the Terminal South (S) parking lot, the stop is easily found by the signs «Tram T7».
  • It’s a 45-minute drive to the city.
  • The line operates from 5:30 to 00:00, with a streetcar running every 9—15 minutes.
  • Trip price: 1,9 €, when redeeming 10 trips: 1,4 €.
  • The Navigo Semaine pass will save you money and is valid everywhere except on the Orlyval line. The shortest pass, the weekly pass, is valid from 00:00 on Monday to 23:59 on Sunday.


City bus 183 will take you from/to Terminal South (Terminal 4) in 40 minutes, stop 4 at Gate 47d. Tickets are also available at RATP terminals and ticket offices.

  • The line operates from 05:30 to 00:00 at 30 minute intervals.
  • Fare: 1.9 €, when redeeming 10 rides: 1.4 €.
  • The bus travels to the Porte de Choisy platform, from where you can continue on the M7 metro line.

The airport does not operate at night, but is open to passengers if tickets are available. At this time you can get to and from ORY by night buses Noctiliens N22, N31, N131, N144, you can see the schedule and route here. The fare is about 5 euros.

Shuttles (Airbus)

Shuttles run from Orly and include guaranteed seating, luggage assistance and information on connections and attractions.

Le Bus Direct 1

The shuttle runs from ORY to Place Etoile with stops at Gare Montparnasse, Tour Eiffel and Trocadéro. Tickets are available online and the price will increase by €1 if purchased from the driver.

  • There are stops at terminals 1—2 and 4, at gates 18 and 48.
  • The length of the trip depends on the destination and will range from 35 to 65 minutes.
  • Shuttles run from 5:00 to 9:00 every 40—50 minutes.
  • The fare will cost 13 € (20 € round trip).

There is also a Le Bus Direct 3 route connecting Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports.

Le Bus Direct 1 takes you directly to the Eiffel Tower
Le Bus Direct 1 takes you directly to the Eiffel Tower


The Orlybus goes to Place Denfert-Rochereau (Arrêt Denfert-Rochereau), an important interchange point where the RER B Paris train line and the M4, M6 metro lines connect. From here you can go both to the center and suburbs of Paris. Buy tickets online or at RATP terminals and kiosks.

  • Orlybus is based in West Terminal (1—2) at Exit 18 at Stop 5 and in South Terminal (4) at Exit 48 at Stop 3.
  • It’s a 30—35 minute trip.
  • Operating hours are from 5:35 to 00:00 every 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The fare costs €10.5.
  • Navigo pass is valid.
Place Danfère Rocherot is home to the train station of the same name and the transfer point for lines 4 and 6 of the Paris Metro
Place Danfère Rocherot is home to the train station of the same name and the transfer point for lines 4 and 6 of the Paris Metro

Magical Shuttle bus to Disneyland.

A beautiful brightly colored bus takes you directly to Disneyland Park and the park hotels: it takes 40—60 minutes. An adult ticket costs 23 €, children 10 €. Buses run every half an hour. The schedule and all details can be found on the website.

GO C Paris bus + commuter train (RER)

A special GO C Paris shuttle will take passengers to the Pont de Rung train station. Here you will need to transfer to the RER C, which goes to the metro. The RER is a comfortable and fast suburban train that connects Paris and its suburbs. Look for tickets at RATP terminals and kiosks.

  • The bus is waiting for passengers at Orly 1—2 at Exit 15 at Stop 7; at Orly 4 at Exit 47 at Stop 5.
  • The trip to the center will take 40 minutes.
  • Buses run from 04:40 to 23:30 with an interval of 15 minutes.
  • A combined ticket (bus + RER C) costs €6.35.

Orlyval + commuter train (RER)

The RER B station is reached by the Orlyval automatic light metro. Its trains have two stops in Orly and a third stop at Antony Train Station. From here, suburban trains of the B line (RER B) run to the city center. Tickets are available at RATP terminals and kiosks.

  • Orlyval stops to look for in Orly 1—2 at exit 14, in Orly-4 at exit 48.
  • It’s a 35—45 minute trip.
  • Trains run every 5—8 minutes from 06:00 to 23:30.
  • A combined ticket for both trains will cost €12.10.

Cab and car rental

A cab will take you from ORY to Paris in half an hour and for 30—35 €. Look for counters in the baggage claim hall, and the cars themselves at gates 14a of the West Terminal and 48a of the South Terminal. Cabs operate around the clock, but night fares, like holiday and weekend fares, are 15% more expensive. Choose an official cab with lighted checkers, because private cabs can overcharge you a lot.

You can pre-book a transfer via the kiwitaxi service. The price is fixed and includes an hour’s wait at the airport and pickup with a sign in the arrival area. A regular car will cost about 50 €, a minivan for up to 8 people 75 €.

If you plan to travel a lot around Paris and other cities, you can rent a car in advance through special services or directly at the airport.