Charles de Gaulle Airport: how to get to the center of Paris
Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport: how to get there

Charles de Gaulle Airport: how to get to the center of Paris

Charles de Gaulle (Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, CDG) is France’s largest airport. It consists of three terminals connected by the free Navett Shuttle Bus and the unmanned CDGVAL Airport Shuttl trains.

Airplanes from Russia most often arrive at terminals 2E and 2C. You can get from Charles de Gaulle to the historic center of Paris by bus, train, cab and rental car.

Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal Diagram
Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal Diagram

Bus Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

City buses are the most budget-friendly transportation to the city, with day and night services. There are stops at almost all terminals and they are easy to find by signs. Tickets can be bought at ticket offices or from the bus driver.

The only significant disadvantage is that the buses do not take you to the city center — you will have to take the subway to get there.

  • The traffic interval is up to 60 minutes.
  • Travel time to the city is about an hour.
  • Routes 350 and 351 operate from 6:00 to 23:00. The ticket price is 6 €. The day bus has two stops: Gare de L’Est and Nation metro station.
  • Night buses 140 and 143 run from 00:00 to 04:30. The ticket price is 7.6 €. The night route only goes as far as the Eastern Station.

If you plan to travel around Paris by public transportation frequently, it’s a good idea to get aNavigo single travel card right away. It allows you to save money on travel and is valid on airport routes.

Air shuttles Charles-de-Gaulle — Paris

From CDG you can leave by Roissybus, Air France, Le Bus Direct express trains. These are more comfortable transportation: with soft seats and a special place for luggage. There are stops in all airport terminals and they are easy to find by signs.

  • Shuttle intervals are 15—30 minutes.
  • Travel time to the city center is about an hour.
  • Shuttles run from 6:00 to 23:00.
  • The fare is 11—16 €.
  • Stops in the center depend on the specific route: Opera National, Gare de Lyon, etc.
This amount of luggage is more convenient to load on a shuttle than on a regular bus
This amount of luggage is more convenient to load on a shuttle than on a regular bus

Commuter trains (RER) from Charles de Gaulle Airport

The fastest and most popular transportation route from CDG to the city is the RER suburban trains. The city is connected to the airport by the B line, which intersects with the metro lines at Gare du Nord station. The ticket is the same for the train and metro.

There are two RER stations at the airport: Aeroport Charles-de-Gaulle 1 and Charles-de-Gaulle 2-TGV, in terminals 1 and 2 respectively. They are easy to find by following the signs, focusing on the name of the RER or the «All trains go to Paris» sign. Do not confuse the RER and TGV routes on the platform, otherwise you risk going to Marseille or Lille instead of Paris.

RER tickets can be bought at automatic terminals or kiosks labeled «Billets Paris et Île-de-France». There is no Russian language in the menu, but you can choose English. Automatic machines work without problems only with metal cash (cash) and bank cards with a chip. You can change money at a special machine nearby, and pay with any bank card at the cash desk.

  • Electric trains run every 8—10 minutes from 4.45 to 24.00.
  • The fare is about €10.
  • Take the train to Shatelet les Halles station, the largest underground interchange in the world, combined with a shopping mall. Here you can transfer to Metro Line 1, which leads to the heart of Paris.
  • The travel time to Gare du Nord will be 35 minutes and to Châtelet-Le-Al will be 50 minutes.
  • Keep your ticket until you complete your trip, because it is the ticket that you will use to transfer to the subway line and then leave the subway.
In Paris, commuter trains (RER) are connected to metro lines
In Paris, commuter trains (RER) are connected to metro lines

Cab from Charles de Gaulle

A cab ride between the city and the airport will cost 50—60 €. When ordering a transfer via KiwiTaxi, you can choose a Russian-speaking driver in advance, who will be waiting for you with a sign at the arrival hall. The transfer price isfixed and includes the route to any point of the city, luggage and one hour of waiting time. This is a favorable and convenient option for a company of 3—4 people.

If you order a cab at the airport cab stands, the price will increase by 10—15 €, and even more on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Beware of unofficial cabs without lighted checkers! The price of a trip in such a car can unpleasantly surprise you.

Cars are received here on a first-come, first-served basis — you’ll have to wait a bit. The counters are located at the exits of the arrival hall.

If you have almost no luggage, you can get around all the traffic by motorcycle cab for 35—40 €.

Cab stands from where cars pick up passengers:

  • Terminal 1 — Arrivals Hall.
  • Terminals 2A, 2C — Output 6.
  • Terminal 2D — Exit 7.
  • Terminal 2E, 2 °F — Output 1.
  • 2G terminal — blue output.
  • Terminal 3 is the arrivals hall.

Rent a car

All terminals at Charles de Gaulle Airport have counters of companies offering rental cars. An economy car will cost from 30—40 € per day.

Getting around Paris by car is problematic: there are traffic jams everywhere and parking is difficult. It is better to rent a car to travel around France and use the metro in the capital.

You can find a car, find out the price or make a rental online at,

The fastest way to get around Paris is by metro or bicycle
The fastest way to get around Paris is by metro or bicycle

How to get to Charles de Gaulle at night?

For night flights, the night city buses 140 and 143 or passenger transport: cab, shuttle or rental car are suitable. For a company of 2 people or more, an individual transfer booked in advance is the best option.