How to get from Málaga to Granada on your own
Málaga - Granada: how to get there on your own

How to get from Málaga to Granada on your own

Málaga Airport is the closest airport to Granada, where most tourists fly in. There are 130 km between the cities, and it takes an hour and a half to get from Málaga to Granada.

It is cheaper and easier to use Alsa buses for the trip, and more convenient to travel by car. I will tell you about all the ways in detail.

Bus Malaga — Granada

Alsa buses are available from Malaga Airport or the bus station (Malaga Estación de Autobuses). There are 19 trips a day departing every half hour to an hour. Most of them are direct routes, i.e. there are no stops on the way, but there are a few trips a day with 10—14 stops on the way — these buses take longer.

  • Fare: 5—14 €. Children from 4 to 11 years old 30% discount, under 3 years old — free of charge.
  • Travel time: from 1.5 hours (direct flights) to 2.5 hours with stops along the way.
  • Mode of operation: from 7:00 to 21:30.
  • Bus schedule from Málaga to Granada.

Train Málaga — Granada

The train is an expensive and inconvenient way to travel between cities. There are no direct routes, but on the website of the national company Renfe you can buy tickets for a train with a connection at the ANTEQUERA-SANTA ANA station. There are a total of two such routes per day, and the duration of the change is from 6 to 20 minutes. Renfe trains leave from Maria Zambrano station in Málaga.

  • Travel time: 1.5 hours.
  • One way ticket: from 24 €.

Rental car

I recommend renting a car if you plan to visit several cities in Andalusia. With a family or company, it is advantageous.

The fastest automobile route between the cities is the free highway A-92. The 126 km route can be traveled in an hour and a half.

On the aggregator sites Rentalcars or Economybookings you can choose a car from hundreds of options.

  • Daily car rental costs from 7 € (don’t forget insurance).
  • Gasoline costs 1.25 € per liter, and it will cost 35 — 40 € to drive from Málaga to Granada and back.

Cab from Málaga to Granada

If you arrive at Malaga Airport at night and don’t plan to rent a car, you can use the official airport shuttle service.

Employees of the company will track the arrival time of your flight, meet you and drive you to your destination. You can pay for the service in cash or by card to the driver.

  • The cost of travel from Malaga airport to Granada is 139 € for 1 — 4 passengers, 164 € for 5 -7 people.
  • Website for booking a shuttle service.

From any neighborhood of Málaga or the airport, you can order a car or minibus from Cheap Taxi Málaga. Pay by cash or card to the driver.

  • The cost of the trip by car for up to 4 passengers -120 €, minivan for 5 — 8 passengers — 160 €.

I recommend comparing the price with Kiwi before ordering — it may be cheaper.

For a solo day trip from Málaga to Granada, choose the comfortable Alsa buses. If you have a driver’s license and several travel companions, it is more convenient and cost-effective to travel to Granada by rented car.

If you are intimidated by buying tickets in Spanish or English, I recommend Omio, an aggregator in Russian. It shows all bus and train flights. The prices are the same as the carriers' websites, and you don’t have to print out a ticket.