How to get from Prague to Kutná Hora on your own

How to get from Prague to Kutná Hora on your own

Dozens and hundreds of tour buses bring thousands of tourists to Kutná Hora every day. I did without guides and traveled the same route by public transportation. I will tell you how to get to Kutná Hora from Prague easily and cheaply.

Train Prague — Kutná Hora

The most convenient and easiest way to get to Kutná Hora is by rail. Trains leave from the main station in Prague (Praha hl.n.). The easiest way to get to the station itself is by metro, you need the Hlavní nádraží station, which is located right under the station building.

There are two train route options: direct and with a 4-minute transfer in the city of Colin.

Direct trains depart every 2 hours from 6:03. The last direct train to Kutná Hora leaves at 22:03.

  • Travel time: 53 minutes.
  • Ticket price: CZK 113.
  • If you buy a return ticket right away, you’ll pay a total of 215 CZK, saving you 10 CZK, which is the price of a bottle of water in the Czech Republic.

Indirect trains depart at less predictable intervals, so you should check the time at the station ticket office or on the website of the carrier České dráhy

  • The first train leaves at 02:30 and the last train at 23:14.
  • Travel time is 1—1.5 hours due to the transfer.

You can buy train tickets at train station ticket offices, at cashless machines or online at the website. Some people find it more convenient to take a ticket from the conductor directly on the train, paying an additional 40 CZK to the ticket price.

You have to return to Prague from the main station in Kutná Hora. You can buy a ticket in advance or before the trip, the price will not change.

Tickets are not valid for a specific train, but for the whole day. Therefore, you can take any train going to Brno (the terminus of trains going through Kutná Hora).

Bus Prague — Kutná Hora

Buses from Prague depart from the Háje (Háje) bus station, which is located at the terminus of one of the metro lines (red branch C). This one loses to trains in speed, comfort and station location in Prague.

You need route No. 381 to Kutná Hora depart at one hour intervals, from 06:00 to 22:00, except for 9 and 11 am.

Cab from Prague to Kutná Hora

Expensive, but why not? A trip from Prague to Kutná Hora with Uber will take about an hour and steal about 50 € from your wallet. Official cab services will cost even more — about 70 €.

It is easier and much cheaper to travel by train. The carriages are modern and comfortable, an hour of travel time flies by, and you can read a guide to Kutná Hora on the way.