How to get from Verona Airport to the city center by bus, train and car
Verona: how to get to and from the airport

How to get from Verona Airport to the city center by bus, train and car

The distance from Verona-Villafranca Airport (IATA: VRN, ICAO: LIPX) to Verona city center is only 11 km. You will hardly need a cab: you can cover this distance by public transportation, and the connections between the city and the airport are excellent. Let’s go?
Verona airport map
Verona airport map

Verona airport shuttle bus

Airbus 199 runs from the airport to the Porta Nuova railway station (Stazione FS Verona Porta Nuova), which is located in the central part of the city. The stop is to the right of the exit from the arrivals area. For the return flight to the airport, get off near the main entrance of the Porta Nuova train station. The bus does not stop on the way.

The buses are of high comfort. They are adapted for transportation of persons with disabilities.

  • Fare: 6 €.
  • Frequency: once every 20 minutes, once every 40 minutes in the morning and in the evening.
  • Travel time: 15 minutes, no traffic jams on the route.
  • The mode of operation is from 5:35 to 23:10 and from 05:15 to 22:50 in the opposite direction.
  • Schedule.

You can buy a ticket at the ticket office inside the airport or at the terminal at the stopover, but the machine does not accept large bills. You can buy a ticket in advance on the carrier’s website.

Be careful: when boarding the bus, the ticket must be validated.

Train from airport to Verona train station

This mode of transportation is suitable for tourists without suitcases or heavy luggage: the nearest train station, Croce Di Dossobuono, is about 2 km from the airport. From this station there are trains to Porta Nuova.

  • Fare: 1—3 €.
  • Frequency: once an hour.
  • Travel time: 8 minutes.
  • Working mode: round the clock.
  • Schedule.

Cab from Verona airport

The cab stand is located just outside the terminal exit. The airport is officially served by 3 carriers: RADIO TAXI, TAXI & AUTO BLU SOC. COOP. and RADIOTAXI CATULLO.

  • Fare: fixed fare 26—30 €. In the evening and on public holidays, the cost increases by 4—5 €.
  • Travel time: 15 minutes, no traffic jams on the route.
  • Working mode: round the clock.

You can book a cab in advance via the internet through numerous European travel agencies. You will be met by a driver with a sign with your name on it.

Rent a car

list of recommended transportation companies can be found on the airport website. You need to book a car at least 24 hours in advance. The average cost of renting a car is 30 € / day.

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