Vienna - Salzburg: all ways to get there on your own
Vienna - Salzburg: how to get there on your own

Vienna - Salzburg: all ways to get there on your own

Traveling in Austria and missing Salzburg is a real crime. It is the fourth largest Austrian city, but the second most popular right after Vienna. The birthplace of Mozart and Red Bull is only 300 kilometers from the capital.

By train from Vienna to Salzburg

A comfortable and inspiring way to get to Salzburg is by train. The train leaves from one of the two stations Westbahnhof or Hauptbahnhof, which are located in different parts of Vienna. In order not to make a mistake, you should find out in advance where the train leaves from.

Vienna city center
Vienna city center

Three carriers take passengers from Vienna to Salzburg:

  • ÖBB. Austrian lines with 1st and 2nd class trains. The price depends on the degree of comfort. The car has power outlets, Wi-Fi, luggage racks and space for bicycles.
  • Westbahn. Local lines with comfortable trains and cheap tickets. Conditions are the same as ÖBB, but the trip is 30 minutes longer.
  • Flixtrain. Flixbus, familiar to many, has launched a low-cost train service around Austria. The cars have Wi-Fi, power outlets, hangers, toilets, a bar and places for bicycles.

Flights of all companies can be searched on aggregators: OMIO or Trainline, sometimes it is more convenient than on the site of each carrier separately — on the site of Austrian railroads without knowledge of German can be difficult to understand the first time.

The ÖBB and Flixtrain trains are based at the Hauptbahnhof central station and the Westbahn at the west station. Find out which train you bought tickets for. Go there.

Main station
Main station
Westbahnhof Station
Westbahnhof Station

Tickets are sold online, at the train station, at a ticket office or machine, or from a controller on the train. It is better to buy in advance: you can save on promotions and secure your ticket. Many people want to visit Salzburg regardless of the season.

The ticket is not tied to a seat on the train. If comfort is important, it is better to pay an extra 4 € when buying the ticket: Flixtrain cars can be overcrowded in high season and before New Year’s Eve. Passengers with tickets without seats stand or sit on the floor.

At ÖBB and Westbahn you can find tickets at a special fare that are not tied to a specific train. They cost from 34 € and are valid from 9:00 to 3:00 the next day. You can get off at any stop, walk around and change to another train. Linz will be on the way!

  • Travel time: 2 -3 hours, depends on the number of stops along the way.
  • Ticket price: 20 € on promotion, from 34 € — closer to the date of the trip.
  • Frequency: from 5:30 to 22:30 with 2—3 trains per hour.
  • Salzburg station: Salzburg Hbf main station. Not to be confused with Salzburg Süd South Station — from Salzburg Süd it takes another 20 minutes to get to the city center by public bus no. 7 or 8 (ticket costs 2 €).
Train of the carrier ÖBB
Train of the carrier ÖBB

Bus Vienna — Salzburg

You can get from Vienna to Salzburg cheaply by bus, although it is not the fastest option. Flixbus and RegionJet, Europe’s low-cost bus low-cost carriers, do not have direct flights to this destination, so it is only possible to change buses.

The optimal route from Vienna Salzburg is with a connection in Graz or Munich. Plus: you can see other places along the way, catch Christmas fairs or the Young Wine Festival. It’s better to stay overnight in the city: a connection gives you 1.45—2 hours, which is not enough time to explore the city, and the low-cost buses are often late.

In Vienna, buses leave from the Erdberg bus station. It is located near the metro station of the same name and bears little resemblance to a train station — it is just a stop under a bridge. The Flixbus parking lot has its own marker.

  • Travel time: via Munich 8 hours (6 hours Vienna-Munich and 2 hours Munich-Salzburg), via Graz 6 hours (2 hours from Vienna to Graz, 4 hours from Graz to Salzburg).
  • Ticket price: via Munich from 20 €, via Graz 29 €. You can save 3—5 € with coupons.
  • Frequency: from 2:35 to 22:10 at 2—3 buses per hour.
  • Salzburg station: Salzburg Süd South Station. The Flixbus stop is located at the Park&Ride parking lot and is marked with a sign. Opposite it is the stop for buses (trolleybuses) No. 3 and No. 8.
Public transportation stop opposite Salzburg Süd
Public transportation stop opposite Salzburg Süd

By airplane

The fastest way to get to Salzburg is by Austrian Airlines. The flight takes only 50 minutes. The disadvantage of this option is the time it takes to get from Vienna to the airport and from Salzburg airport to the city. But you can take your luggage and hand luggage on the flight.

  • Carriers: Austrian Airlines.
  • Travel time: 50 minutes.
  • Ticket price: on Aviasales from 130 €.
  • Frequency: three direct flights per day at 10:05, 17:20, 21:50.
  • Arrival station: Salzburg Airport.
Vienna Airport
Vienna Airport

By car

The most beautiful way to get to Salzburg from Vienna is to rent a car. The distance between the cities is 300 kilometers and can be driven leisurely in 5 hours. On the way you can stop for photos and sightseeing.

It is advantageous to rent a car when you come to Austria in a large group. At Rentalcars you can rent a car for two days for 45 €. On the way you will spend about 75 € for gasoline. For a group of three people it costs from 40 €, but the impressions from this trip are priceless.

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