All observation decks in Tallinn: paid and free of charge
The most complete list of Tallinn's observation decks

All observation decks in Tallinn: paid and free of charge

Tallinn’s observation decks offer a different perspective of the capital. From one top you can see rooftops, the seaport and cruise ships, and from the other you can see the endlessly beautiful Baltic Sea. Even the Finnish capital can be seen in the sunny time. I’ll tell you where you should go for a good view, and which observation points you can skip.
Tallinn’s best sightseeing spots on the map

Tallinn’s free observation decks

Walking through the streets of the Old Town can lead you to a lookout point quite by accident. There are five such peaks in the center, and only two are marked on the city map. I got to the others without even knowing what kind of location they were. There are at least 9 more viewpoints outside the Old Town — there are plenty to choose from!

Patkuli Viewing Room (Patkuli Vaateplatvorm)

From this peak you have a view of Vysehrad, the seaport and the bay. The photos are perfect for Instagram. The site is easy to get to, with a good view and plenty of space for photos, but it is always crowded. On weekdays it is besieged by tourists from ferries, on weekends by visitors from the capital.

  • Works around the clock.
  • How to get there: From the side of the train station up a staircase of 157 steps, from the other side to the top there is a road on Toomkoli street.
View of Tallinn from the Patkuli observation deck
View of Tallinn from the Patkuli observation deck

Kohtuotsa Viewpoint (Kohtuotsa)

This is the most popular observation deck. From the top you have a photogenic view of the red roofs, the port and the modern high-rises in the center. From this spot in clear weather, the long-range view is excellent. Even distant neighborhoods can be seen.

There’s a house on the hill with «The Times we had» written on the wall. The most beautiful photos are taken in front of it, but you have to wait in line for a long time. There is also a seagull blogger who is not afraid of people and has her own Instagram.

  • Works around the clock.
  • How to get there: from the Dome Cathedral up Kohtu Street.
View from the Kohtuotsa observation deck
View from the Kohtuotsa observation deck

The Garden of the Danish King (Taani Kuninga Aed)

I came across this viewing platform of Vysehrad by chance. There is an arch in the fortress wall, and behind the arch there is a park with figures of monks, a wall with a walking area, benches and a kiosk with the most delicious roasted almonds.

There are two observation decks on the grounds. The free one is under the fortress wall. It offers a view of the walls and rooftops, but it seems that this view is not enough. The temple tower blocks the view of part of the Old Town. Near the statue of a monk, you make a wish and then walk around the figure in a circle.

In the park on the left is the entrance to the paid viewing room, which is on the fortress wall. The medieval town looks atmospheric from this height. With an entrance ticket you can visit the gallery inside.

  • Open: free site 24 hours a day, paid site from 10:00 to 17:00, except Mondays.
  • Entrance to the payground is 3 €.
  • How to get there: there are two entrances to the observation deck. One through the archway from the Komendantsky Garden, the other from Lühike Street, not far from the Kohtuotsa observation deck.
Statues in the garden of the Danish king
Statues in the garden of the Danish king
A viewing wall in the garden
A viewing wall in the garden
View from the wall in the garden of the Danish King
View from the wall in the garden of the Danish King

Gorhall (Tallinna Linnahall)

If you get bored looking at the rooftops of the Old Town, you can walk to Tallinn Bay. There is an observation deck on the coast — the Gorkhall. The view of the sea and the harbor is very romantic, and it is a good place to contemplate the sunset.

Gorhall was built in 1977 for the Olympic Games. The 5,000-seat building hosted competitions and concerts until 1988, when it was closed. The observation room is on the roof.

  • Works around the clock.
  • How to get there: from the seaport along Rumbi Street. From the Old Town, walk 10—15 minutes to Linnahall stop and continue along Kursi Street to Rumbi Street. The Gorhall can be seen from afar.
A view of the bay from one of the middle floors of Gorhall
A view of the bay from one of the middle floors of Gorhall

Paid observation decks

The advantage of paid observation decks is that along with views of Tallinn, you can get a pass to a small museum and a cafe.

St. Olaf’s Church (Oleviste kogudus)

In the center of Vysehrad stands the 12th century church of Oleviste or St. Olaf. The most noticeable part is the high tower, which can be seen from many kilometers away. At a height of about 124 meters there is an observation tower with a panoramic view of the red roofs of Tallinn.

There is an antique organ in the church, you can listen to music and admire the interior.

  • Open: spring and fall 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., summer until 10:00 p.m., closed in winter.
  • Adult ticket 3 €, children’s ticket 1 €.
  • How to get there: from anywhere in Vysehrad, orient yourself towards the highest spire.
  • Temple website with schedule of events.

Fortress walls and towers (Hellemanni torn ja linnamüüri platvorm)

A real excursion into the olden days. The fortress walls have been preserved perfectly, with no traces of restoration. Here you can climb the remains of the fortifications and look at the Old Town through the loopholes.

I enjoyed not only photographing the beautiful views from the wall, but also climbing the narrow stone staircases. It’s easy to imagine myself as a Game of Thrones character in Winterfell.

  • Open: 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Admission: 3 € adult, 1 € child, under 8 years old free of charge.
  • How to get there: after entering Vysehrad through the main gate (Viru Väravad) go a little forward and to the right.
  • Website.
Part of the fortress wall and tower
Part of the fortress wall and tower

Tallinn TV Tower (Teletorn)

Tallinn’s highest observation tower is located in the TV Tower. At 170 meters, on the 22nd floor, there is a platform with a café and a panoramic view of the city and the bay. It is from here that you can see the outline of Helsinki on clear days.

The tower is not in the center of town, but if you go to Pirita Beach, you can also go up to the observation tower on the way — it’s quite close.

  • Open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. Upstairs once an hour.
  • Cost: 7 € adult, 4 € children. Tickets can be purchased in advance on the website.
  • How to get there: at the underground station in the center, through which all buses pass — Viru keskus, take bus 34A or 38 and get to the Teletorn stop.
  • Website.

Other viewpoints in Tallinn

There are about 14 viewing points in Tallinn (all of them are marked on the map at the beginning of this article), but I recommend visiting 2—3. The best option: one free one on Toompea Hill, one paid one on the fortress wall and Gorhall. In the others, somewhere the price bites, and somewhere the views are exactly the same.

Another option is to see Tallinn with a cup of coffee or something more serious. There are several restaurants and bars with interesting views of the city.

Radisson Blu Hotels

Tallinn has two Radisson hotels with great views of the city. On the 24th floor of the five-star Radisson Blu Sky Hotel is the Lounge 24 restaurant with a view of Tallinn. You can stay in a room from 80 € (from 150 € in high season) with a view of the city, or you can come to the terrace for free or order drinks and food to sit at a table. The view from a height of 90 meters is impressive.

  • Open: every day from 12:00 to 1:00.
  • Cost: free of charge.
  • How to get there: the hotel is noticeable from the Viru Gate at the entrance to the Old Town.
  • Hotel and restaurant website.

Another hotel in the chain, the four-star Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, also offers great views right from the rooms, from the panoramic pool on the 26th floor and from the restaurant upstairs.

Where else can you see the city from above:

  • Beacon of the Singing Field near the Pirita yarn (2 €).
  • Fat Margaret Tower at the top of the Maritime Museum (5 €).
  • Café Horisont at the top of the Swissôtel towers — free of charge.
  • Komeet Cafe with delicious desserts and coffee, but seats are best reserved in advance.
  • Kick-in-the-Coek Tower and Museum (14 €).
  • Piiskopi viewing platform is free of charge. It offers a view of Bishop’s Park and Tallinn’s residential buildings.