Genoa - Monaco by public transportation: how to get there by bus and train
Genoa - Monaco: How to get there on your own

Genoa - Monaco by public transportation: how to get there by bus and train

From the capital of Liguria it is very easy to get to the dwarf state of Monaco. The distance between the cities is short, 135 km in a straight line. You can get to Monaco from Genoa by train, by bus and by car. I will share my own experience and tell you which of these ways is more convenient, cheaper and more comfortable.

By train

Genoa and Monaco are connected by a railway line that runs along the entire coast from France to the south of Italy, so the easiest way to get to Monaco from the capital of Liguria is by train. Travel time is about 3 hours. Trains run quite frequently towards Monaco, at least 3 times a day.

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There are three train stations in Genoa. The central Stazione di Genova Piazza Principe is close to the metro station of the same name and to the port. This good location makes Principe the largest station in Genoa. From here you can travel to Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples or go towards France. Even if you don’t speak English, the station is easy to navigate, with signposts and train timetables everywhere.

Once a week from the same station you can leave for Monaco on a Russian Railways train from Moscow to Nice. You will have to pay about 4,000 rubles for a ticket.

You can buy a ticket on the website, at ticket offices inside the station or at self-service terminals. In the menu you can choose the interface in Russian. It is difficult to get confused with station names: your final destination is Monaco Monte Carlo. On the train, listen carefully to the announcements of the stops, they are announced in advance.

  • Station address: Piazza Acquaverde, 4
  • The website where tickets are sold
  • Ticket price: from 15 €
Self-service terminals at train stations in Italy
Self-service terminals at train stations in Italy
Train schedule board
Train schedule board

By bus

This is one of the budget options. There is no direct bus from Genoa to Monaco, only a transfer in Nice. If you want to see Nice, why not?

Flixbus buses run between Nice and Genoa. The stop in Genoa is near the Piazza Principe train station. Travel time is about 3 hours. Tickets cost 10—17 €.

In Nice, get from Nice Airport station stop and take the Lignes D’azur bus to Monaco (Monaco Place dArmes station). The journey takes 40 minutes, tickets 6 -22 €.


By car or hitchhiking

The fastest way to get to Monaco is by car. The distance along the highway is 187 km. Travel time from Genoa to Monaco by car is about 2 hours. There are two options: rent a car or try to find fellow travelers.

  • To rent a car: Myrentacar, AutoEurope or Economybookings. You need an international driver’s license and a credit card to rent a car. The average consumption will take about 15 liters of fuel. A liter of 95 gasoline in 2019 in Italy is 1.54 €, diesel is 1.40 €.
  • You could risk hitchhiking.
  • The cheapest way to find traveling companions is on Blablacar — the fare will be within 10 €.

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