How to get from Varna Airport to the city center on your own
Varna: how to get to and from the airport

How to get from Varna Airport to the city center on your own

Varna Airport (Letische Varna) is located 8 km away from the city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The building with cheerful colored panels on the facade hints: you are in a resort, and the vacation mood begins as soon as you step off the plane.

There are several ways to get from the airport to Varna and back: by bus, cab or rent a car. It is better to rent a car through the city rental offices, which for a small extra fee will deliver the car to the air harbor for your arrival. The cost of renting a car at the airport will be much higher.

Varna waterfront
Varna waterfront

Buses between Varna and the airport

The city bus routes from the airport pass through the city center, and this is the only way to get there by public transportation. The buses are modern and comfortable, but there is no compartment for large bags. They run every 15 minutes, and bus passes can be purchased on the bus from the conductor.

  • The drive to the city center is 20—25 minutes.
  • Operating hours are from 6:00 to 23:00. There are no buses at night.
  • Payment in local currency only.
  • The fare is 3 leva (about 1.5 euros).
  • Website.
  • The stop is located near the Terminal 2 exit.

There are 2 buses departing from the airport to the city:

  1. Route No. 409: Varna Airport — Varna Mall — Varna Bus Station — Center (Cathedral) — Golden Sands.
  2. Route No. 8: from the airport to the resort «St. Constantine and Helena», also runs through the city center.

You can change to another route in the center of Varna at the stop «Mall Varna» (Grand Mall Varna).

Cab or transfer

By cab you can reach the city in 8 minutes. The price for an economy class car will be around 17 euros and a small bus for 7 passengers from 22 euros.

The official cab rank is located at the exit of the Terminal 2 arrivals area, but prices at the airport are usually inflated and it is better to pre-book a car through KiwiTaxi orTriumph Taxi, the largest company in Eastern Bulgaria.

If you want to drive, ask the hotel if they provide a shuttle service.

There is no subway in Varna, and airbuses from the airport do not run either. The only way to get to the city at night is by cab or shuttle, while a regular city bus can do the job during the day — quickly and inexpensively.